Australia 10 years of tourist visas only for the Chinese trial, echocardiography you fast action bar

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Australia 10 years of tourist visas only for the Chinese trial, echocardiography you fast action bar

2016-12-23 04:36:02 352 ℃

Australian government on December 2016 officially open to China 10 year old tourist visa. The visa is valid for 10 years, which means that within the next 10 years the applicant does not apply for a tourist visa entry. Each time you can stay in Australia is generally divided into 3 months, 6 months and 12 months of the three. Apply for ten years in Australia visa, applicants must pay a $1000 visa application fee.

Australia 10 years of tourist visas only for the Chinese trial, echocardiography you fast action bar

Time: before the implementation of years to give China mainland passport visa policy, while other countries visa policy has been more convenient, but the frequent trips to Australia buddies, renewal of the time spent a lot. Won the ten year tour signed, it is true to do to say go, no longer worry about the visa.

Save money: we all know that the cost of applying for an Australian visa each. Won the "ten year visa", then there is no need for a visa to and fro ~ things back and forth for overseas students' parents, if there are 10 years of visa, want to see the child left leg, can go to the children's graduation ceremony, resolve the child homesickness, swim Australia the unique and charming natural scenery. Home more convenient: Chinese people in Australia despite the purchase of real estate, but live up to become a big problem. But if you now get a 10 Australian travel visa, for many buyers is undoubtedly greatly favorable. For the Chinese who want to live in Australia for a few months every year, no longer have to worry about visa issues.

Australia 10 years travel visa details are as follows:
1, this visa will only start trial for Chinese tourists.

2, the visa for tourist visas, holders will be conditional restrictions, including not frequent frequent illness and long-term stay, but also prohibit the work in australia.

3, hold this visa every stay in Australia can not exceed 3 months! Note that not 6 months, 12 months and other options, but can only stay up to 3 months at a time.

4, as each refers to how long? At present there is no details, but the immigration department stressed: and all the tourists, holding 10 valid visas to travel to the China tourists every time best long time interval. More details of the visa requirements and eligibility criteria will be provided after the visa start trial run.

5, visa application fee of 1000 Australian dollars, which is extra, in addition to the basic visa application fee, is currently still pay $135.

6, the Australian government will also establish a fast channel service (48 hours) to deal with visitor visa applications, specifically for Chinese tourists trial operation, of course, also need to pay extra fees.

7, Chinese tourists can also use simplified Chinese online to apply for a tourist visa, improve convenience.

8, 10 years of travel visa application conditions should be similar to the current 600 categories of tourist visa, the applicant is not as additional background or capital requirements, immigration has not yet announced more details.

In short, if you are considering for relatives and friends, going to the end of the year to catch the first wave of car, we must understand the details, because after all, 10 years of Australian Tourist Visa only for tourists to visit relatives and friends will look forward to long-term government 5 years long-term visa also can be implemented as soon as possible!

Of course, in 2015 there are 1 million Chinese tourists to Australia, a visa for a year, is bound to this figure can be further high, no matter how harsh the conditions, this will be a good news for the world in!

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