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Australian tourist visa materials required

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Whether to go to Australia with the group tour or free travel, must be handled before traveling Australian visa. But if the visa can not be, then do not consider Australian tourism, if you advance the hotel or airline reservation is good, it will lose a lot. So before travel tourist visa in Australia must treat seriously, do not use material, otherwise will be too late for regrets.

Australian tourist visa materials required

Apply for a tourist visa in Australia to visa is 600 categories of visas, allowing visitors to Australia travel, engage in business activities or to visit relatives and friends, which belongs to the temporary visa in Australia can not stay long.

One, personal documents

Color scanned copy of the new and old 1 original passport and passport and immigration and visa page chapter page

2 full color copy of this account

3 color copy of ID card on a piece of paper

4 copy of marriage certificateTwo, photos

1 inches white bottom color photo, size requirements for 3.5*4.5cm2. glasses may not be reflective, the body must not be inclined

Three, work to prove

The company hired 1 copy of business license or organization code certificate, and the official seal (must have the annual effective annual chapter) (such as three in one, will provide a new copy of the business license and official seal): other institutions, schools, hospitals to provide the corresponding code certificate stamped copy the seal can be.

Letter 2 official company letterhead issued by the work unit (with English, or Chinese with English translation) stamp, leave signed, dated and clear the following.

3 address, telephone and fax number of work unit

4 name, position, salary and working years of the applicant

5 for the approval of the holidays and fees paid by the other words: this work to prove that the information has a template or you can also provide 4 stamped with the company's blank header paper (information is complete, can do this information)

Four, economic proof

Nearly 1 3-6 months of bank savings card transaction records (the bank to print and affix the bank card, pay the best, the best print date in 15 days, enough to pay your balance the cost of the trip) or original passbook (display and print the date of deposit history, in 15 days the best)

2 credit card statements, credit lines (non essential)

3 personal deposits prove more than 50 thousand frozen for 6 months.

4 real estate, car production copies

Five, other instructions

1 personal data sheet

Six, students

1 provided by the school that English leave the original version, and stamp, or Chinese with English translation (contact customer service for sample)

2 provide a copy of student ID card

3 parents to provide proof of the original and English version in both sides of the past 3-6 months on the water bill (the bank to print and affix the bank card, pay the best, the best print date in 15 days, enough to pay the balance of the cost of the trip) economy provides proof of parents

Seven, retirees

1 copies of retirement certificate

2 pension Certificate (such as: original passbook; bank card 6 months running water)

Eight, minor

Children under 18 years of age need to provide

1 copy of birth certificate (show parents name)

2 copy of parents' marriage certificate

3 school proof English version original, or in Chinese and with English translation

If a child's parents have either or both parties are not accompanied by the need to provide

1 copies of all ID cards without accompanying parents

2 all written signature is not accompanied by parental authority, and agreed to indicate: the children to Australia to tourism, tourism is the date and time, with single or multiple entry, a way to contact parents.