Chinese tourists spending up to 9 billion Asian tourists flocked to Australia

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Chinese tourists spending up to 9 billion Asian tourists flocked to Australia

2016-12-29 09:00:10 411 ℃

According to Australian news report, according to the Australian Tourism Bureau (Tourism Research Australia) in 7 day international tourists released the latest survey (International Visitor Survey) data, in the 12 months ending in September, China, South Korea and Japan as the representative of the Asian countries in 3 years to tourist consumption accounted for the total income of Tourism Australia the 1/3, which China tourists original 9 billion yuan ($, the same below) of the Australian tourism income. Japan and South Korea's tourism market in Australia also showed an upward trend.

Chinese tourists income ahead of schedule"

A comprehensive network, "financial review newspaper" reported, according to the survey data of tourists last year for the Australian tourism industry generated revenue of 38 billion 800 million yuan, an increase of 4 billion yuan, an increase of 11.5%. In this data, Chinese tourists spending more than 9 billion yuan, more than the Australian tourism industry for the goal set for 2020.

Federal Tourism Minister Xi Aobo (Steve Ciobo), said the Australian tourism industry grew faster than other industries 3 times faster, while the Australian Tourism accelerated this process. "China tourists annual consumption is now more than 9 billion yuan, which has exceeded our expectations, the government and the tourism industry had predicted, China tourists annual consumption will reach 9 billion yuan in 2020, and the data indicate that we achieve the goal 4 years ahead of schedule." At the same time, I said "although this aubstadt, target ahead of schedule, and China market now increased by more than 20%, the federal government will continue to implement policies to accelerate the growth of."

Japan and South Korea tourists fast growth favored

In addition to China tourists, Japanese and Korean tourists also fared well in the Australian tourism revenue last year, two tourists consumption was 1 billion 600 million yuan, Japanese and Korean tourists "back" in Australia the Australian government and the tourism industry's favor.

I said the South Korean tourists in Australia aubstadt, growth rate reached 29%, at the same time, Japanese tourists "love again Australia", "Japan's growth in the number of tourists reached 22%, the highest in 7 years."

Australian Tourism Secretary O'Sullivan (John O Sullivan) on the growth of Korean tourists especially happy, "I am glad to see that South Korea has such a high performance, in September last year, we also with Korean Airline (Korean Air) to carry out the maximum cooperation to promote Australia Korea market opening."

At the same time, in order to better meet the Asian tourists, some hotels opened a "special space" for Asian, Melbourne Space Hotel CEO Geller (Yossi Gallor) came to the attention of South Korean tourists growth, "we note that South Korean tourists has greatly increased, therefore, we specially prepared 12 types of houses, many small room the type, or some semi private type 4 bed dormitory, so that visitors welcome in australia. At the same time, we also specially prepared for the South Korean tourists 4 beds female dormitory."

The biggest benefit of NSW tourism growth

From the tourism economic impact on the state of tourists, tourism revenue of the NSW economy, reached 9 billion 300 million yuan, followed by Victoria, tourism revenue of 6 billion 700 million yuan, 5 billion 100 million yuan for queensland.

At the same time, the tower has become the largest increase in international visitors, an increase of 15%, followed by Queensland, NSW and Victoria, an increase of 13%.