Australian resort said more love Chinese individual: spend more

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Australian resort said more love Chinese individual: spend more

2017-03-20 11:07:36 414 ℃
Australian resort said more love Chinese individual: spend more

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Hamilton Island Resort is located in the north of Queensland, its CEO Glenn Burke said, although the tour as the main service object is an attractive strategy, but decided to focus on China 3200 practices began to produce benefits four years ago.

19, Reference News Network reported that "according to the Australian Financial Review newspaper" tourism website news, the latest data show that for Asians to Australia holiday obsession with no signs of weakening, Chinese passengers lavish to Australian tourism operators bring large sums of income.

In the year ended December 2016, the amount of consumption of international tourists to Australia hit a record high of $39 billion 100 million, an increase of 7% over the previous year, which is $2 billion 500 million.

According to figures released by the Australian tourism research institute 15, Chinese tourists spent $9 billion 200 million, accounting for about 1/4 of the total expenditure of tourists, an increase of over the previous year by up to 11%.

Burke said they consciously decided to avoid the big tour groups and focus on the individual, these people are more flexible arrangements to better fill the room reservation gap.

"They spend more, they have more money, and they are more independent, and we don't have to make any changes to adapt to them, such as providing Chinese menus or translations," Burke told reporters.

"The real pursuit of the operator is a relatively rich and a certain number of guests rather than a large number of large (guests). You can imagine, if a bus to the hotel lobby to send 60 Chinese guests, if you want to change the style of your service, it is sometimes very troublesome. We receive tour groups, but prefer a fit, fit for the authentic Australian experience."

Australia is also the country's most important tourist market because of its open space, or "blue sky", which is attracting Chinese tourists. The latest figures show that in the past year, the number of passengers in six Asian market growth rate reached two digits.

Four years ago, Chinese tourists accounted for about $1% a year in Hamilton's total of 240 thousand visitors. They now account for about 8%. In the same period of time, the Great Barrier Reef Chinese tourists consumption doubled.

During the Spring Festival at the end of January Chinese in Australia Tourism also help to fill the gap of Australian Tourist season.

Australian Tourism Bureau official said John OSullivan, Hamilton marketing strategy for the Chinese people are calm oriented profit".

O'Sullivan said: "we have made a conscious decision to chase the Chinese market rather than the tourist market."

"These travelers have a longer stay, more dispersed, more money, which is a good thing for our tourism industry," he said. On average, Chinese tourists now spend more than $8000 per trip, compared with an average of $5000 per person."

Burke said that although the Japanese tourist fever in the last century in 80s eventually disappeared, but he believes that tourists from China will continue to bring revenue to Australian tourism operators in the next few decades.

"I think Australia really has a unique advantage. Compared with Japan, China has a large population, and we have only a small part of it, "he said. "Because the market is very big, it's like a faucet. You just have to control the flow."