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Australian travel luggage list

2017-04-04 19:08:36 260 ℃

Every year in November to the end of March, has been the Australian tourism season, and today we share together in an Australian travel list is for you as a reference to travel. (Australian Tourism Bureau)

Clothing and accessories

Two, March is the Australian summer autumn season, the average temperature is 20 degrees Celsius, very comfortable. So please take the light clothing oh! The temperature in the night will be slightly reduced, and one or two more thick coats will be fine. In addition, Australia is a country advocating environmental protection, so the hotel is generally not a one-time slippers and toiletries provided, we must remember that they have a good outdoor adventure necessary

Outdoor adventure

Australia is the explorers paradise, Lanshan phantom waterfall, bark and body painting show, Lille bird DELL red hand hole are written in your itinerary on? Take the treasure, to ensure physical and mental free, easy walk oh!

Beach Ocean

Australia's sun is really very violent, even cloudy, outdoor travel hat, sunglasses, sunscreen SPF30 more than necessary,

Road to drive to listen to the most familiar with the beauty of the Waterfront Road, the legend of Great Ocean Road, it is time to start the engine in the middle of the gallop! In order to avoid the open side is accompanying the blue sky or wild animal to stray, prepared in advance of these, all need not worry!

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