Australia travel Raiders "clothes": I have the welfare

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Australia travel Raiders "clothes": I have the welfare

2017-04-26 02:50:59 586 ℃

Start talking to you today, some personal feelings during the trip to Australia, to ensure that a fresh hand, absolutely exclusive.

Basically different countries, the basic necessities of life will have its unique. To be honest, because of the exchange rate, Australia is not a particularly suitable place to buy clothes.

When we go shopping, for example, Adidas, Nike will see some of the traditional sports brand stores, but looked at the count rate, and domestic prices almost even more expensive, so there is no need to have brought back from abroad. However, in accordance with the local per capita income to count, ADI T-shirt is probably more than and 80 knives, for them is still relatively cost-effective.

So, basically, we don't buy all of the adult clothes, for without it,Mainly poor.

It is said that the Australian wool products are very good, how not to take? Wool scarves, shawls, and UGG. But the wool scarf is converted to Renminbi after hundreds of thousands, and we are on a hot day in the past, the feeling is not so, so I didn't consider, are interested in cold weather should be more to buy.

UGG after the regular discount price is basically in the three hundred to eight hundred yuan, the store where a lot of Chinese people in a few pairs of double buy. But when we go to the shooting, was clerk found relentlessly to delete the video, it was a bad mood, do not want to buy the shoes, and in addition to the north, the south is not so need wool boots, belonging to the appearance rate is not high, a single product, not worth mentioning!

Australia travel Raiders clothes: I have the welfare

This trip is a surprise when you find a supermarket in Newcastle, inadvertently found a discount shop called Kmart, which probably will sell some of the more parity of clothing toys, daily necessities, etc..

Surprisingly, children's clothes are too cheap! We have three Ma happy, also began to take the camera to shoot back, don't bother taking direct buy buy buy. To put it simply, is the quality of the child like Carter T, the price is 3 to one knife; good quality combed cotton leggings, 7 knives, two. The price is cheap quality is good, and the requirement such as formaldehyde content of children's clothing to abroad will be stricter than domestic, do not buy at this time, more when?

As for adult clothing, there is no particular advantage. Although the price is also very cheap, for example, 10 knives can buy a simple T, but the style is really hard to compliment. And there are a lot of foreigners in accordance with the size of the design, especially large or hip where special fat, anyway, we did not buy a piece, to buy the baby on the line.

Lego is also quite cheap there, basically in the domestic price of 5-7 fold. We chose a Lego suit for our baby. Koarashi son chose a castle, I chose a Cinderella (no way home, that is, Qiu Lixuan Princess heart) a set of excavator, the home of various machinery and vehicles have a very deep obsession.

The results returned to the baby, she did not look at the disdain to play, shouting I want phantom ninja. Hey, I did not expect to go out of this period of time she was fascinated by the phantom ninja, it seems only to go out next time.

Kissing on the horse leg, his boring, the set of Cinderella to the good, the more like to play, I want to be a Lego fans?

Was the last day I went to Sydney, I also want to go on the streets, before I have been in Australia and black opal. Qiu Li said that the price is not particularly good, especially luxury, not as cheap as Europe and the United states. Or leave the money to play there, after all, this trip was fined almost the money......

If the budget is limited, in terms of clothing, we recommend that you buy at a discount store to buy children's toys as well, tyrant please VIP room please.

Tomorrow I'm going to talk about, it is the feeling of love can not love the Australian "food" journey.

Australia travel Raiders clothes: I have the welfare
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Australia travel Raiders clothes: I have the welfare
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