Promote Chinese tourism, "panda run Australia", start caravan parade

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Promote Chinese tourism, "panda run Australia", start caravan parade

2017-06-09 12:55:51 615 ℃

Xinhua news agency, Sydney, May 24, Australia Tourism in a series of activities of "panda run Australia", before the end of the first phase of the "heart-shaped ring Macao", and officially opened the second phase full ring Australia caravan tour in 24 days.

"Panda run Australia" activities from the beginning of April 28th, the end of June 29th, the organization 10 car with a panda printing content of the car, starting from Sydney, to the eastern Australian "heart-shaped ring Macao" and "big ring Macao" Caravan tour.

"Heart-shaped ring bay" through Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane and other cities, the end of 23 km this month, more than 8000 kilometers of travel. Through the dissemination of tourist brochures, souvenirs, panda knowledge pictures, Chinese tourist pictures and other ways, to the Australian people along the way to promote Australian tourism year, to promote Chinese tourism.

Promote Chinese tourism, panda run Australia, start caravan parade

In April 27th, Australia Sydney, China tourism office in Sydney, Luo Weijian (left), China minister Counsellor Embassy in Australia cultural counsellor Yang Zhi (in), director of the Australian Tourism Bureau Tony Soth as the "panda run Australia" departure ceremony.

Chinese tourism office in Sydney, Luo Weijian said, hoping to travel to Australia China introduced through this activity, let them have a deeper understanding of Chinese better, thus to Chinese tourism interest.

To enhance the attention of the event, the China Tourism Office in Sydney has opened an exclusive account on a number of social media platforms, tracking the track of the entire fleet.

It is reported that the "big ring Macao" Caravan tour starting from Sydney westward, via Australia Nan'ao, Western Australia and the Northern Territory, organized the "panda koala encounter" tourism promotion activities in Adelaide zoo.