Tourist article 2: what should we pay attention to in Australia?

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Tourist article 2: what should we pay attention to in Australia?

2017-12-08 20:00:41 965 ℃

believe that many people have beautiful images of Australia, such as livability, modernization, and beautiful environment are the labels of Australian cities. Australia is the sixth largest country in the world, and it is the only country in the world to cover the whole continent. Here is a continent surrounded by the ocean, the east of the continent is the Pacific, and the west is the India ocean. Australia is on the northwest side of Indonesia and the southeast of New Zealand. Australia is rich in property, known as "the country on the back of sheep", "the country sitting on the miner" and "the country with the ear of wheat".

Tourist article 2: what should we pay attention to in Australia?

What do we need to pay attention to when our people want to go to Australia? I give you some of the following points to talk to you said here:

A, immigration, customs, health and quarantine:

2, go out and enter the country, please help others to carry things, so as not to be used by the undesirable elements. When we enter the country, we must not take photos or take photos in the immigration and customs area, so as not to be seized.

3, Australia attaches great importance to intellectual property protection, can not carry counterfeit brand goods, and pirated discs and books, if checked by customs, it will be confiscated or fined.

two, about check-in, baggage, flight:

according to the provisions of the airline, passengers can only carry a weight of 5 kg baggage check, baggage limit (55CM*23CM*36CM) economy class free checked the weight of 20 kilograms overweight additional charge. Australian and labor law stipulates that the weight of single piece luggage is no more than 32KG (to prevent injury caused by baggage carriers). The airline has the right to refuse to check. If the loss can lead to boarding and unable to pick up luggage, the consequences will be borne by oneself. During the consignment, such as trunk pull rod or wheel breakage, according to the regulations, the airline will not compensate, so we should check whether the suitcase is strong enough. As the baggage will be checked and moved many times, it is advisable to carry the soft - net suitcase.

three, about

1, a hotel for environmental protection, generally do not provide personal toiletries, we must bring the toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, slippers, pen (fill in the form). Some hotels offer bath fluid (Bath Liquid), hair conditioner (Hair Conditoner) and skin lotion (Body Lotion).

2, Australia in the southern hemisphere, the four seasons of pleasant climate, there is no extreme temperature difference. The season is the opposite of our country. So when we go, we're going to prepare for comfortable, casual clothes and shoes, and carry a coat with you to prevent the night from getting cool. In winter, you should wear a sweater, a jacket, a light coat, or warm clothes. For special occasions, for example, in business meetings, opera appreciation and dining in a large restaurant, men should wear a coat, tie or suit, while women need to dress in a solemn dress. Because of strong Australian sunshine, it is best to prepare a sunny umbrella (both sunscreen and rain), shading cap, sunglasses and sunscreen lotion, and pay attention to sunscreen.

Tourist article 2: what should we pay attention to in Australia?

four, about money, tax rebate: the "style=", "Australia", the Australian monetary unit is the Australian dollar, the decimal system, the 100 Australian cents is equal to 1 Australian dollars. The dollar is a general currency and can be freely convertible at local hotels, banks and duty-free shops. At present, some stores can also use a bank card marked by "UnionPay" for credit card consumption, but considering the liquidity of the currency and the convenience of carrying it. It is suggested that a sufficient amount of dollars or Australian dollars be prepared before travel. Little editor has seen today's exchange rate of 1 Australian yuan =4.9668 RMB.