Tourist visa deposit in Schengen, Japan and Australia

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Tourist visa deposit in Schengen, Japan and Australia

2017-12-18 20:00:02 518 ℃

Europe, Schengen, Japan, Australia and other developed countries team visa , nearly 100% of the signing rate is based on the travel agency's guarantee for tourists. Actually, as a company, there is no right to investigate the background of tourists. At this time, we can only collect information on deposit in addition to information disclosed by application materials, so that tourists will obey the team plan and return home successfully.

tourist visa margin improves the visa handling efficiency, but once in adverse operating companies, is likely to have misappropriated tourist visa deposit behavior, which will lead to the delay after returning visitors unretrievalable margin, even vicious incident visa agency Xiekuan closed, the final is through the judicial process to recover funds. The

a 20 person Tour team's margin may reach 2 million yuan, simple reasoning, ten branches is 20 million yuan, so high fund is in the regulatory blank area actually. In order to safeguard the legitimate rights of tourists, some provinces have stopped the company from collecting security deposits, instead, they require banks to freeze deposits in the form of trusteeship, so as to escort the safety of tourists' funds.

Japan three years of visa: basic materials + bank flow (more than 200 thousand a year), first sign after payment. Schengen, Europe, 3 years and 5 years to return travel visas, application requirements: two or more Schengen records, unsuccessful unconditional return of the cost. 10~30 million yuan (RMB) for the European Schengen "temporary / permanent" residence card, unsuccessful unconditional return of the cost.

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Tourist visa deposit in Schengen, Japan and Australia