Do you want to go to Australia and work on a tour? Australia WHV application for the full strategy!

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Do you want to go to Australia and work on a tour? Australia WHV application for the full strategy!

2017-12-21 20:00:04 1031 ℃

magic magic education education, professional engaged in overseas education institutions based in Australia, headquartered in Australia, Melbourne, Tianjin, with offices in Changsha, aims to provide consulting, planning, student visa, immigration application for students, round your dream of studying abroad!

what is an Australian working holiday visa?

in the west, before many college students after graduation, usually choose to spend a year to do a long trip to other countries to experience different life background, while traveling will do some related work, in order to be able to better integrate into society, this is the West called interval year (Gap Year). There are also many working workers who do "Career Break Travel", that is, the interruption of travel during the work period.

if you don't want to do the work, legal work abroad only one way is to apply for a Working Holiday Visa working holiday visa, referred to as WHV. Globally, many countries have opened WHV to foreign travelers. However, for Chinese passports, only two countries are open to us now, , Australia and New Zealand .

Do you want to go to Australia and work on a tour? Australia WHV application for the full strategy!

working holiday visa can be in accordance with the terms of the requirements under the premise of full-time paid work or attend full-time course of study, it can make the traveler can freely switch in travel and work in the state, free time and income, if sufficient funds may have been on the road; if the lack of funds, can to allow travelers to find sources of income in australia.

Australia average white (non black) pre tax wage was 17 Australian dollars (equivalent to RMB 85 yuan / hour), 40 hours a week if the work is 3400 yuan / week, equivalent to a lot of people a month's wages is good! Many people apply for this visa and have their own small calculations, such as transfer sign, idea left behind, or earn a year's money in the past (many young people in Taiwan used to earn fast money).

since the 2015-2016 fiscal year, Australia has opened 5000 vacationing visas to the mainland of China every year.

note that every year here is the financial year of Australia, from July 1st to June 30th of the next year. Starting from the new fiscal year, the Australian visa center will gradually distribute quotas to China in a gradual manner until all 5000 places have been issued.

Do you want to go to Australia and work on a tour? Australia WHV application for the full strategy!

18 year robbing time has been determined: June 21st Beijing time in the morning at 5. Under

, teacher Ivy takes Australia's application as an example, and New Zealand is similar: what are the conditions for

NO1. to apply for WHV?

Do you want to go to Australia and work on a tour? Australia WHV application for the full strategy!

China holds a valid passport;

passport valid for more than 6 months;

submitted at the age of 18, but under 31 years of age (31 years of age are not allowed, must be 30 years old and 30 years old); /p>

< do not bring their children to Australia;

there is enough proof of funds (about AUD 5000);

no 417 visa (462) to the previous record, did not get a working holiday visa;

have higher education qualifications, or have completed at least two years of college study;

language requirements: IELTS 4.5, TOEFL 32 points or more. PTE30 points or more etc..

, as long as you meet the above conditions, meet the requirements of conduct and health, without tuberculosis, material is real, and no migration tendency, you can apply for WHV. In short, as long as you are not 31 years old and have a college degree, you can apply for English.

NO.2 what can we do with a part-time job visa? The entry of

within a year to get a visa, for the first time since entry can stay in Australia for 12 months;

multiple round-trip between China and Australia in the validity period of one year;

work in Australia for 12 months, but for the same employer can not work more than six months;

may participate in the short term study the longest four months;

can turn into a student visa, work visa, the premise is to school offer or find a job (or the employer is willing to guarantee, with independent immigration conditions);

renew policy has been announced, in the above provisions of the work in three months, may apply for two sign;

applied for other countries (such as New Zealand working holiday visa) can apply for the visa.

when you get to know it, it's already tachycardia. Leave the familiar environment, to other countries to do a long trip, you can experience different life background, is a through the year (Gap Year) a good choice.

Australia working holiday visa procedures for

passport is ready to. You can't be on your hand, but you must know the passport number.

English scores (such as IELTS), notarization (diploma and university transcripts) take a long time. It is suggested that we should prepare ahead of schedule, if we are not ready, we can also grab places. You have to complete a proposal or in advance, is forearmed, no success.

rob places (appointment letter)