The industry of Tasmania | together again "Australia" travel UTS winter warming

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The industry of Tasmania | together again "Australia" travel UTS winter warming

2017-12-27 20:00:03 869 ℃

The industry of Tasmania | together again Australia travel UTS winter warming

following the success of last year in Tasmania spring open UTS, hundred tour activities, recently Shanghai UTour again with the Tasmania Tourism Bureau, jointly organized the "Tasmania experience" at the beginning of the heart salon sharing activities. The event, Shanghai UTS tourism not only brings depth tour of Tasmania, also invited independent landscape photographer Ling Han share Tasmania travel story.

The industry of Tasmania | together again Australia travel UTS winter warming

"Australia" tourism heat up instead of down

in the past year in Macao tourism closing ceremony, Leah Australia Tourism Bureau chairman baudon said: "from September 2016 to September 2017, the number of tourists to Australia Chinese reached 1 million 300 thousand, an increase of 12%, Chinese tourists reached 10 billion 300 million Australian dollars in Australia tourism consumption, an increase of 13%. It is expected that by 2020, the number of Chinese tourists to Australia will reach 1 million 700 thousand, and the tourist consumption in Australia will reach a $13 billion.

Australia has become a popular destination for Chinese tourists. Tasmania is also familiar with and understood by more tourists with the popularity of Australian tourism. Tasmania has the title of "the heart of the world". As the only island state in Australia, it looks like a love lying on the map in the map. This is the only place in the world, just drove driving a small section of the road can reach everywhere a picturesque shoreline from dynamic city, is the green countryside and a landscape of lakes and mountains as the acme of perfection. The whole world only this island, let you breathe to the world's most clean air, a taste of live seafood, close contact with rare wild animal, but also by stimulation of the boat in the river ran round.

immersed in the delicacy wine seeks the meaning of travel

for this hand Tasmania, Shanghai UTS tourism marketing project manager Yao Zhiheng said: "in Australia the destination after years of promotion, finally broke out in recent years the whole winter, the tourists blowout state. But after the consumer analysis, we believe that the depth and the niche is more in line with the direction of the pursuit of most of the tourists, so the Tasmania Tourism Bureau to work together again, it is hoped that more tourists will Chinese Tasmania to Australia as the second choice, through the car and enjoy the big city scenery of different natural scenery." The

event, Shanghai UTS tourism has also brought a series of products such as a reputation, a series of "Tasmania gourmet seafood feast depth tour 12", for parents, bestie travel market, the whole can not only enjoy the palm like large sea urchins, abalone, lobster like stout arms, the biggest lavender manor also encounter the southern hemisphere: Silk floating lavender manor, at the same time on the southern hemisphere's longest monorail, enjoy the natural landscape and a landscape of lakes and mountains of Card Nate canyon. Miracle travel series "Tasmania + Perth 11" flagship high-end line, not only can the rich area in Tasmania to enjoy the luxury Michelin Chinese creative cuisine, also will take the Tasmania name card level wilderness parade, face to face with the seals, dolphins, sea lions.

, the event also invited Australia travel of people from the media, independent landscape photographer Ling Han, the tourism Master Australia settled more than ten years, throughout almost the whole of Australia, Australia as a travel planner, exploration and propaganda is committed to local depth travel experience, and to share his Tasmania travel story.

high quality tourism products, interesting stories, two degrees in Tasmania and UTour, in order to allow more tourists to experience Chinese Australia this piece of pure land "at the beginning of the heart experience".


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