[autumn in Canada] record the beauty of nature, feel the pain of nature

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[autumn in Canada] record the beauty of nature, feel the pain of nature

2017-10-15 21:28:02 791 ℃

The pictures are provided by Wang Yongchen, the green homeland

It is one of the most important parts of my life to record the beauty of nature and feel the pain of nature. Canada's autumn scenery has been longing for a long time, this autumn, finally set foot on this moment, nature on this stage show.

Montreal from the air (French: Montr Al, English: Montreal), more than the tree house. The river is suffused with silver.

Montreal, also known as the Montreal River, is a city located in the southwest of Quebec, Canada, mainly located in the St. Lawrence River in Montreal island and surrounding islands. The population of Montreal is about 4 million 100 thousand people. It is the largest city in Quebec, the second largest city in Canada and the 15th largest city in North america. The word "Montreal" comes from the Medieval French "Mont Royal", meaning "Royal mountain". So far, the landmark of the center of Montreal, the Royal mountain, is still named after this. French is the official language of Montreal and the most commonly used language in the city. The population accounts for 70.5% of the total population of the city, making Montreal the second largest French city in the world after Paris.

Montreal was once the capital of Canada, with the largest population and the most advanced economy, but it was more than Toronto in Ontario in 1976. Today, Montreal is still one of Canada's most important economic centers, and the aviation industry, finance, design, film industry and other industries have developed. Montreal is considered as the best livable city in the world, and has been recognized as the city of design by the United Nations Educational, scientific and cultural organization.

Montreal in the evening, standing high, in addition to see the lights, the sky is bright. Walking in the street, the city of art breath thick.

The past of Montreal is an extremely glorious period in Canadian history, and it also explains many policies of Canada today. Even in France came to Quebec Province, dreams of the Second Empire of France, common life here Algonquian (Algonkian), Huron Iroquois (Huron) and (Iroquois) are often in conflict.

Jacques Katia (Jacques Cartier) is the first Europeans arrived in the island of Montreal, but the European settlers on the island's first permanent settlement until 1642 was set up, then people will Mount Royal named this place, city names are also likely to originate from this. Montreal has become a major market for fur trading with the iroquois. The colonies were often attacked before the peace treaty was signed in 1701. With the rapid development of fur trade, Montreal gradually became the colonial base and commercial center of the new French empire. Houses in the past, people still see the old city of Montreal.

Mount-Royal Park was built in 1876, by the famous American landscape architect Om Faith Te (Frederick Law Olmsted) responsible for the design, the designer has designed many famous parks in the United States, including Central Park in New York.

There is a high 30 meter cross on the top of the mountain, which is very eye-catching. At night, under the color decorative light bulb, it is more dazzling, like the stars in the night sky quietly bless the beautiful city.