Good: a Canadian visa or not to be given direct

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Good: a Canadian visa or not to be given direct

2017-12-25 20:01:19 720 ℃

as we all know, Canada's visa is one of the most difficult visas in the world. It has higher requirements for applicants' assets and exit records. How many people have been rejected...

last September, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau during his visit to China, announced that Canada and China reached new tourism plan, establish long-term relationship stronger and more stable with China, both in 2018 and in the year set.

recently, the Canadian Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau announced the "Canada plus tourism year" logo officially released, hoping to double the number of visitors to Canada by 2021. In order to meet the arrival of "the year of tourism in Canada", Canada has carried out reform in view of the problem of difficult visa and high rejection rate.

60 years will be preferred to get visa

two kinds of people also have the priority to get the tourist visa

these two kinds of people have been in Canada in the past 10 years or the United States visa. That is to say, if the applicant has entered Canada's record in the past 10 years or has a valid US visa, he can apply for a Canadian visa through this channel.

Canada in order to facilitate the China tourist visa, the applicant Chinese payment system allows the payment of the visa application process costs with "UnionPay". In addition, the visa application website is also planned to be connected with the Alibaba website and is equipped with a national language description.

to help more Chinese citizens to apply for a tourist visa, the federal government recently in mainland China 7 new visa service center, they are distributed in Nanjing, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Ji'nan, Kunming, Shenyang and Wuhan. Before, Canada had 5 visa centers in China, which were located in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing and Hongkong.

when it comes to Canada, you may think of the maple leaf, think of Banff National Park... Canada has a colorful landscape, unique and charming natural scenery, it is worth a visit.

the world's first big multinational falls, formed in twelve thousand years ago, the ice age of Niagara Falls is known as extraordinary as if done by the spirits of nature. Every year, fourteen million people have seen such a magnificent spectacle of the world.

here are a series of Bingfeng, glaciers, ice sheets, glacial lakes and alpine grasslands, hot springs landscape, its Qifeng Xiushui, the North American continent in the crown. The Lewis Lake in the central part of the park has a wonderful view. The lake is blue and green, and the lake is clear. The Emerald Lake is another beautiful place, which is more quiet than that of Lewis lake. There are many of these glacial lakes along the Rocky Mountains. They are like a string of pearls, which make the quiet mountains vibrant.

may ride the cable car, cable car is divided into 2 kinds of outdoor and indoor, outdoor cable car has a cable car before feeling, at the foot of empty, very exciting ~ on the top of the mountain scenery is very beautiful, "~

Montreal Mount-Royal Park

when autumn arrives, Algonquin Provincial Park becomes Maple sea, the maple leaf layers, rippling Lake glittering. It is too big, our place is not a lot, the primitive forest development status...

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