Paris, France, the famous tourist attractions and travel Raiders

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Paris, France, the famous tourist attractions and travel Raiders

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French fashion capital of Paris, is the world of fashion and romantic rural communities in Paris City, everywhere can see museums, theaters, gardens, fountains and sculpture, cultural environment is very good, the famous tourist attractions are also beyond count.

Introduction of scenic spots

1, Triumphal Arch

The famous Triumphal Arch has been retained by the Rome period, it is located at the end of the Champs Elysees in Paris, De Gaulle star square in the center, is the largest of the more than and 100 Triumphal Arch in europe. This is built to commemorate the Napoleon expedition, and there are four positive relief of the "Marseille song", "victory", "resistance", "peace". It is an immortal masterpiece in the history of art in the world.

2, Notre Dame de Paris

This classic Gothic church is located in downtown Paris, France is a landmark in Sai Island, is the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Paris cathedral. Notre Dame de Paris caught a door you can eye-catching 3 rose window painting. Both sides of the store is also very famous, you can buy a lot of beautiful souvenirs.

3, Le Louvre Museum

This is the world's most famous museums and art galleries, is also the oldest French palace and Le Louvre Museum, the movie is about "the phantom of the opera" etc.. Here is the sculpture gallery, museum painting and ancient Egyptian Art Museum, the most famous treasures include Minoan goddess of victory and Venus, "Monalisa" and so on. Here a lot of the world famous art nurtures. Of course, more ordinary visitors are here as a watch the world of fine arts palace.

4, The Paris Opera House

The Paris Opera House is the world's largest performing opera house. The opera house area of nearly 11000 square meters, can accommodate more than 2000 spectators, many classic drama will be staged every year. The opera house designed by Ganie, built between 1862 and 1875, almost a collection of Napoleon III before all the architectural style, the theatre facade covered with a large number of decorations, are typical works of Napoleon III.

Paris, France, the famous tourist attractions and travel Raiders

Shopping in Paris

From the beginning of Lafayette, this is the most purchasing a paradise for having heard it many times, feature here is to give all kinds of discount goods with unique color labels, yellow half off, blue forty percent off, green thirty percent off, is the eternal rules. The first day of the hotel will discount to open the door and ushered in the shopping crazy


June 1st - VIP discount period of June 23rd.

June 25th -7 29 Soldes full discount period.


Galeries Lafayette Printemps, Galeries Lafayette department store, Le Bon Marche Le Spring Department, BHV department store Marshall peng.

Paris food

1. French giant snail, an edible snail. The food is usually with garlic and butter sauce.

2, sweetbreads Sweetbreads, is a part of the calf thymus taste very delicious meat.

3, French Custard, custard is vanilla, caramel and grain.

To play in Paris, like other scenic spots and historical sites, spring, summer, autumn, winter scenery each charm, only to be able to enjoy the picturesque scenery of the United states. So before the start of the Paris scenic area to be aware of, if it is self-help travel must refer to Paris will go to the attractions recommended.