The Eiffel Tower at dusk is the most touching Paris

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The Eiffel Tower at dusk is the most touching Paris

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Paris, Paris, is a city in which many people must visit.

Landscape photographers like me, also can not escape.

Paris in my mind is romantic, full of history, with a strong contrast between modern and classical. If you want to choose the best time to record the Paris, the bottom of my heart is the first answer is - dusk.

Notre Dame de ParisOverlooking the city with monsters

The commanding heights of a city are often one of the best views of the landscape. In Paris, one of the commanding heights is Notre Dame de Paris.

The way to the top of the Notre Dame de Paris tower is old and interesting. You'll have to wait a long time, and you'll have to spend all the time on the long side of the church. To get to the top, you have to go through the narrow stairs inside the tower.

The stairs in the space almost completely closed, only palm sized vents can slightly see the scenery outside the wall. Standing inside, unable to determine how many layers have been climbed, how tall, can only be an instinct to go up and down again and again, to dizziness.

A strong light, finally appeared in front of a doorway. That has reached the top, but found himself just stood in the church tower between the narrow corridor. Every corner of the cloister railing stands a statue, they are not angels or the image, and the different forms of monsters.

The Eiffel Tower at dusk is the most touching Paris

Different from the cathedral, the monster sculpture is built in nineteenth Century on the corridor, as a religious culture in the most magical creatures, more than and 100 years has been the same overlooking the city.

In the monster Gallery until evening, and then through a rotating staircase tower higher, before reaching the top. The top layer is not too much decoration, there is only a simple fence, here, you can see a more open view of Paris.

The Eiffel Tower at dusk is the most touching Paris

louvreTotally symmetrical artistic aesthetic feeling

There is the last ray of light in the sky, unknowingly came to the sunset after the Blue Hour. The sky is blue and deep, not yet dark.

Le Louvre Museum has been lit, in the deep blue sky seemed more beautiful decoration.

In Le Louvre Museum, the most attractive to me is not a Renaissance style buildings, but the middle of the glass Pyramid. In "the Da Vinci code", Pyramid is Maria Magdalene's tomb, let Dan Brown as a diehard powder I am full of imagination of the building.

The Eiffel Tower at dusk is the most touching Paris

The glass Pyramid is a Chinese American architect Ieoh Ming Pei designed for the entrance of Le Louvre museum. At the beginning of the design of this building a strong sense of geometric lines indicates that caused a lot of criticism, a lot of people think it destroyed Le Louvre Museum glass Pyramid. It was not until after the completion of the modern art style that people began to accept it.

Eiffel TowerThe most beautiful miracle under the sun

Paris more than and 600 years ago, the Cathedral of Notre Dame is the city closest to the sky. And now, Montparnasse tower is the tallest building in Paris. In many European city, around the building height does not exceed the city's Cathedral, here is not only the symbol of power, but also the symbol of power.

Montparnasse tower is Paris high after the construction of the Eiffel Tower, is the only city of skyscrapers. Want to shoot in Paris with a panoramic view of the Eiffel Tower, on the top floor of the building is the best choice of montparnasse.

June Paris sunshine time is very long, nearly eight points before dark.

More than six points to Montparnasse, take the elevator to the top of the platform, just to see the dusk light through the clouds exposure to the urban periphery of the modern buildings, and in front of Eiffel Tower surrounding the remains of ancient buildings of nearly a hundred years and the streets, this is one of the biggest difference between European city and domestic city.

The Eiffel Tower at dusk is the most touching Paris

The sun disappeared on the horizon, the sky grew dark, until the last remaining pink. This is a short time between Blue and Pink Hour in landscape photography, and only this time the sky can exist at the same time there is such a strong contrast between the two colors of the Hour.

The Eiffel Tower at dusk is the most touching Paris

After sunset, the city lights dim the lights, lights are lit every street. Seine River from the quiet through, a little more tenderness. From this point of view, the city seems to have changed over the past hundred years. At any time, it has maintained its elegance and romance, infecting everyone who comes here.

By eight, Eiffel Tower has been lit, the spire of the spotlight turns it shot skyward, is undoubtedly the most dazzling city focus, as beacon indicates the center of the city. Every time the whole point, the tower will be the whole tower will be shining white light, all people at this time are not consciously stop to appreciate the great building.

I believe that, in the hearts of Parisians, Eiffel Tower has been like air into the lives of all people.

The Eiffel Tower at dusk is the most touching Paris

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