The 13 day of the trip National Day - the Rhine - an Federer 5 China

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The 13 day of the trip National Day - the Rhine - an Federer 5 China

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The 13 day tour of the Rhine, tour round an Federer 5 China

Travel features

The 13 day of the trip National Day - the Rhine - an Federer 5 China

New tourism product is completely subvert the concept of tourism for people in the past, this kind of new products can enjoy a comfortable sitting on board, replacing the long-distance bus in Laughton, to be replaced every day the hotel's troubles, but also enjoy the delicacy culture ship pure Western-style food, you can feel the hustle and bustle of the bustling metropolis, the elegant town town quiet, and can enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides. The cruise ship docked in downtown, you only need to take a step, it was in the middle of downtown, feel the history, culture, folk customs, such as the need, professional tour guide will be intimate, a full range of services for you, you can also like the locals like to return to the original shopping in the mall, the morning, stores and other places, Europe can play, new products to bring you a full range of three-dimensional Europe, it sets the cruises, tours, travel with the group in one of the advantages, both leisure and luxury cruise, and travel freely, and a full range of travel with the group the service.

Group stage:October 1st -10 13

BeijingQclothRussell(Belgium)VRule Mond Oteri J discount Village (Holland)VRotterdam

The 13 day of the trip National Day - the Rhine - an Federer 5 China

Early Rotterdam travel to Hague, visit the International Court of Justice (appearance), where Xi Ning root beach, followed by a tour of Zaanse Schans in Holland, then arrived in Amsterdam, visit Dam Square, World War II monument, red light district, 17:00 after boarding check, the beginning of a happy trip to the Rhine.

The 13 day of the trip National Day - the Rhine - an Federer 5 China

CologneGermany's fourth largest city, not only with its long history and unique charm of the ancient church building and famous world, and at the same time is a famous exhibition city, many consumer industries international exposition held here. The poets of the past wrote many poems of praise for it, and the folk saying "not to Cologne, not to Germany".

----Day 05----


The 13 day of the trip National Day - the Rhine - an Federer 5 China

Santa FeBuilt in twelfth Century, the the Rhine is the gateway to the mid stream valley of the Rhine. "Wine city" said assmannshausen is the Rhine Park, here is the center of Rhine District, also known as the Wine District, with an annual output of 27 million bottles of Wine.

Travel Guide:Thrush alley

----Day 06----

The 13 day of the trip National Day - the Rhine - an Federer 5 China

StrasbourgLocated in the east of France and Germany, across the the Rhine River, Germany and France have repeatedly alternately has sovereignty over Strasbourg, the city in the language and culture of both France and Germany, is the two different cultures is the intersection of.

Travel Guide:Sidelasibao bigChurch SmallFrench

The 13 day of the trip National Day - the Rhine - an Federer 5 China

After breakfast drive to France to Paris, arrived at the Lafayette department store shopping. Check Inn Hotel after dinner

----Day 10----

Paris oneday

Live: Paris to eat: breakfast, Chinese food, dinner line: Bus

The 13 day of the trip National Day - the Rhine - an Federer 5 China

After breakfast, drive to Brussels, belgium. After arriving in the most beautiful city in Europe, visit the landmark buildings in Brussels - less than even; go into the World Heritage ListBrussels Grand Plaza.

----Day 1<1Two3>2----


Reference flight: HUFour hundred and ninety-two Thirteen:Four0/0Five:30+1

Accommodation: the plane eats: breakfast line: Airplane

After breakfast, take the car to the airport, return in due time and end the happy trip to the Rhine.

----Day 1<12Three>3----


Arrive in Beijing early and return to your warm home!

Remark: this stroke is the reference stroke, subject to final confirmation. Our company reserves the right to adjust the itinerary due to the flight, visa and the circumstances of the country.

Cost statement

Cost includes
1, passport fees, tips on a cruise ship (5 euro / person. Day *8 days);

2, the cruise stops at the shore during the ground tour of all costs; (during the boat trip free activities);

3. Personal consumption during the trip (including additional consumption such as drinks, carbonated drinks, laundry, telephone and photo taking services, etc.) specified on the cruise ship;

4 additional expenses resulting from force majeure due to traffic delays, wars, coups, strikes, natural disasters, aircraft failures, flight cancellations or change times;

5, single room fee or extra fee, cruise room upgrades cost;

6, the land in the hotel telephone, fax, laundry, pay TV, drinks and other expenses;

7, lunch, dinner and other soft drinks and so on;

Meals and transportation expenses during 8, free activities;

9, travel expenses include all expenses except content;

10, tourists due to breach of contract, their own fault, free activity during the period of behavior or illness caused by personal and property losses;

11, baggage storage fees and baggage handling fees;

To pay 5000 yuan / person for the deposit, please pay the remaining sum 20 days prior to the departure of the group

Other instructions
1 time difference: the city covered by the trip is 7 hours later than Beijing time.

The departure time and arrival time of the cruise ship marked in the 2 travel schedule are for reference only. Please take the final time announced by the cruise company;

The 3 flight schedule and time are for reference only, and will be adjusted according to the actual situation;

4 meal time on cruise ships and aircraft or turn back to machine for a meal or the guests themselves prevail, no other compensation;

The distance between the 5 cities marked by the journey, the marked time of stay and the order of the tour are for reference only. The local traffic condition should be adjusted appropriately, but the content of the tour will not be reduced;

6 according to local laws, guides and drivers may not work more than 10 hours a day (including breaks);

7, please do not valuables and personal emergency drugs placed in checked baggage, so as not to lose. In the process of travel, please also keep it well;

8 in the event of unforeseen costs arising from the adjustment of airline, weather and land connection policies, we shall be entitled to collect the actual expenses. Please understand;

9 according to the requirements of the country of destination embassy, offered guests in the period, not from the group;

10 if the guest is from Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan or holds a foreign passport, please confirm the valid documents for entering China again before departure;

11 this itinerary is a reference itinerary. We will reserve the right to adjust according to the number of people, flight, visa and destination country.

Matters needing attention
* please arrive at the venue, in order to ensure the smooth travel team.

. please bring your passport, ID card (may encounter outbound Customs checks).

* Please take photos of passport page and visa page, and carry a 2 inch white color, for the loss of passport after completing temporary passport needs.

* Please keep the round-trip boarding pass, the aircraft arrived at the destination after returning to the leader to prepare to sign off; passport will be returned to the leader to sign off.

* Dan Hangcheng (confirmation of this notice to overseas travel, please check.) if there are different views, please reply on the same day, as otherwise approved.

More tips on board 5 euros / person / day for *8 days, then please give.

I have dinner cruise, please bring your own dress, dress up.

This boat only provide hot water and all kinds of drinks at the dinner table. It is recommended to bring your own thermos cup.

European markets closed on Sunday.

Hainan airlines to provide each person can check a bag, laptop and accessories each piece of luggage. The maximum weight of checked luggage is 23 kg /51 pounds, the maximum length, width and height are 158 cm /62 feet. 1 pieces of hand luggage, long, wide, and high, shall not exceed 115 cm (45 inches). 1 accessories: handbags, briefcases, cameras or laptops, with a maximum gross weight of 10 kg /22 pounds.