Italy, Venice is overwhelmed, festivals will be limited to visitors

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Italy, Venice is overwhelmed, festivals will be limited to visitors

2018-04-29 02:01:30 314 ℃ on April 28. According to the European Network sponsoring the European Union Press Agency, the May Day International Labor Day is approaching. To reduce excessive visitors, the area in Venice is overcrowded. A few days ago, the Mayor of Venice Luigi Bruniaro called for tourists to stagger the holiday season and travel to Venice for sightseeing. In May 1st this year, the Venice area will be open to tourists in limited quantities, and traffic control will be implemented in some areas.

It was reported that during the Easter period in March this year, a large number of tourists flocked to the main island of Venice and once led to traffic in Venice. According to the statistics of the hotels in Venice in recent days, relevant departments predict that during May Day, it is very likely that it will once again lead to overcrowding in Shuicheng.

To divert tourists and ease the pressure on scenic spots, the Venice government has decided that on May 1st holidays, water and land traffic regulations in certain areas will be implemented according to conditions, and visitors are strictly prohibited from entering the main island of Venice through the main bridge. By then, the main island of the island will only be open to local residents and scenic area staff.

According to the Venetian Venice holiday scenic spot management plan, the tourists take the sightseeing boat to enter the main island of Venice, and the parking place will be temporarily relocated from San Marco Square to the New Island area. At the same time, once the parking spaces at the Roman Forum parking lot outside the island are in emergency, the traffic control department will control the land and prohibit vehicles from entering the parking lot outside the island.

The statistical analysis report of the Venice tourism administration shows that in recent years, Venice has received an average of more than 30 million tourists annually. It is estimated that in the next 20 years, the number of tourists visiting Venice every year will reach 60 million.

The statistics report indicated that, in 1951, the permanent residents of Venice were 175,000 and the current permanent population was only 50,000. The influx of a large number of tourists caused Venice's rent and prices to climb. Many Venetians were forced to choose to live outside the island.

According to the statistical report, the main island of Venice is a small area, and visitors can travel throughout the entire area within one day. For this reason, many tourists choose to stay outside Shuicheng, and most visitors to the island come with food and drinks and are rarely consumed on the island. On the surface, there are many tourists in Venice but very few fiscal revenues.

The mayor of Venice, Brugnaro, said that with limited fiscal revenue, it is difficult to maintain public facilities in Venice for long-term overload and repair of ancient buildings. In order to protect ancient buildings and maintain the normal operation of the city of Venice, it is only possible to limit excessive tourists. Venice as a personThe material wealth of people, people have a responsibility to love it and protect it. (Huang Xin)