Into the Romantic Capital of the Netherlands

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Into the Romantic Capital of the Netherlands

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Into the Romantic Capital of the Netherlands
Introducing the charm of the Eternal City into the romantic capital
Nineteen days of the German-French-Ruribby 6 countries

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Europe has always been the country's choice for outbound travel The popular destination, while Western Europe has a long history and diverse culture, there have been many famous music, literature, paintings and film productions, etc., which is the hall of art. The scenery here is picturesque, it is like a beautiful song, and it sings Renaissance romanticism. Jiangxi Dajiang Net International Travel Service launched a massive six-nation tour of Western Europe: Germany, France, Italy and Belgium 6 days 16 days, 8999 yuan / person (all inclusive). Romantic France, the eternal city of Rome, rigorous Germany, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Netherlands, the Kingdom of the Smurfs Belgium, selected direct flights from Hainan Airlines, Nanchang transport. With such value-for-money travel, heart-warming friends quickly act!

Into the Romantic Capital of the Netherlands

Quality Service

Classic Itinerary

★Berlin, Germany - the capital of Germany, the largest city political and economic center, the view of the Berlin Reichstag, the Berlin Wall Ruins Memorial Park

★ Germany's symbol, the prototype of Disney Castle [New/High Swan Castle 】 Appearance

★ Elegant Paris, romantic experience: meticulous arrangements for dining in the Seine Riverview restaurant in Paris

★Visit to the French National Art Treasury, one of the three largest museums in the world - “The Louvre” Enjoy thousands of pieces of treasures and collections from different periods.

★Special arrangements for the visit of the French Flower Palace Perfume Museum to experience the romantic feelings of French perfumes.

★Search for Italian art codes: The eternal capital "Rome" that is shining and glorious, is about to disappear The romantic water is "Venice", Xu Zhimo's brushstrokes, "Leng Fen----Florence"

★ Visit the city of Central and Eastern Switzerland-Luzern, and feel the beauty and charm of the Alps and the beauty of the lake. /p>

★ Freedom: Classic City Special Arrangements for Free Activities:

★Free agency in Paris, France, for free activities on Osman Strasbourg and access to the designs of American Chinese designer Bessie. The Louvre Glass Pyramid Square Free Activities

★Switzerland Sennheiser arranges free activities, overlooking the snow-capped mountains and blue sky, close contact with the Swan Lake, enjoy closeness to nature, have the opportunity to buy authentic Swiss-made watches

Reference itinerary:

First day


On May 15th, Nanchang Fei's Beijing flight is to be confirmed

Nanchang Changbei Airport took flight to Beijing All airports, hotels near the airport check-in upon arrival.

Transportation: Plane meals: No hotel near Capital Airport

Next day


May 16 Beijing

Go to the Beijing Consulate for fingerprinting and return to the hotel after the end (or free activities)

Transportation: Bus foods: No hotel near Capital Airport

The third day

May 17th Beijing

Beijing Free Activities

Day 4 /section>

May 18 Beijing Flying Berlin

Reference Flight:HU489 PEKTXL 1320 1730

Self Travel to Capital Airport The collection, special check-in and departure procedures, ready to fly international flights to the German capital - Berlin. Berlin has always been known as an “artist paradise” with 170 museums, well-developed press and publishing, excellent sports facilities, first-rate art groups and rich cultural life. It is a world-class cultural and artistic capital. Upon arrival, pick up the hotel and take a rest.

Transport:Air/Bus Meals:None Hotel:Three-Four Star Hotel

Into the Romantic Capital of the Netherlands

fifth day

May 19th

Berlin v Leipzig vNuremberg

After breakfast, we start our journey today and drive to see the most important city sign, called the “door of destiny” Landenburg Gate (approx. 10 minutes), stroll through Unter den Linden (approx. 10 minutes), look at the “Berlin Parliament Building” (approx. 10 minutes), and then visit the Berlin East Line. Located at the Berlin Wall Ruins Memorial Park on Banur Street (about 30 minutes). After the rideGo to the town of Leipzig. Upon arrival, visit: Appearance [Old City Hall]. One of the most famous buildings in Leipzig is in the center of the Old Town Square. The old Town Hall building was built in 1556 and it is now the City History Museum. [Auguste Square] is the largest square in Leipzig and even in Saxony. The name suggests is to commemorate Saxony election Auguste II. After driving to the German town, take a rest near Nuremberg at night.

Transport: Bus Meals: Early.*.Late Hotel: Three-Four Star Hotel

Into the Romantic Capital of the Netherlands

sixth day

May 20

Nuremberg v Fussen v German town

After breakfast in the hotel, drive to the German town of Fussen, on the "Romantic Road" At the southernmost point, it enjoys a reputation for wellness and holiday resorts. Upon arrival, visit the Dream Castle, which has various scenery throughout the year - [NWS Fort] (a distant view). Since it was the prototype of Disney Castle, it was also called Snow White Castle. This place is like a paradise on earth where ancient folk tales of magic, kings, and knights are hidden. There are boundless primitive forests, tender hills, endless swans of cattle and sheep, snow-covered Alps all year round. And endless big lake. The appearance of "High Swan Fort" (a distant view) is where King Ludwig II spent his childhood. High Swan Castle was a jewel of German Romanticism. After its completion in the twelfth century, it had ushered in its great period and became the center theme of court lyrics.

After driving to the German town, stay at the hotel to rest.

Transport: Bus Meals: Early.*.Late Hotel: Three-Four Star Hotel

Into the Romantic Capital of the Netherlands

The seventh day

May 21

The German town v Venice v Bologna

After breakfast in the hotel, take a car to Venice - the floating city, which is the essence of the Renaissance. The only city in the world without a car. Take a boat trip to Venice Island (about 3 hours), visit the “St. Mark's Square” which Napoleon called “the most beautiful living room in Europe” and the “Saint Mark's Church” where the Crusade’s fourth east expedition started. ), To visit the sad bridge [Sigh Bridge] written by Xu Zhimo. It is a strange bridge that looks like a bridge. People crossing the bridge are completely enclosed in bridges. It is one of Venice's most famous attractions. Go to the world's most famous and most popular brand-name boutique [DFS Global Duty Free Shop], with well-known senior big names such as Cartier Cartier, Chanel Chanel, Gucci Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton and Tiffany Tiffany, also emerging fashion brands such as Chloe Muhammad, Pucci Pez and Valentino Valentino. DFS brings together world famous products under one roof to create luxury. Stay overnight at a hotel near Bologna.

Transport: Bus Meals: Early.*.Late Hotel: Three-Four Star Hotel

Into the Romantic Capital of the Netherlands

eighth day

May 22

Bologna v Rome v Orvieto

After breakfast in the hotel, drive to Rome, the eternal capital. It is a national political, economic, cultural and transportation center, a world-famous historical and cultural city, and the birthplace of the ancient Roman Empire. Because of its long history, it was nicknamed the “Eternal City”. Upon arrival, visit the ancient city of Rome (approximately 30 minutes). The Colosseum (outer facade) is the largest round ceremonial arena in the Roman period.Strict and spectacular; next to the building of the Constantine Arc de Triomphe in 315 AD, experienced the ups and downs of 2000, still preserved the original shape. [Ruins of Ancient Rome Market]: The ancient Roman market is not only the birthplace and center of ancient Rome, but also the common intersection of seven small hills in Rome. Take a break at the hotel near Orvieto at night.

Transport: Bus Meals: Early.*.Late Hotel: Three-Four Star Hotel

Into the Romantic Capital of the Netherlands

Ninth Day

May 23

Orvieto v Florence v Piacenza

After breakfast in the hotel, drive to the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance town - Florence . The visit is known as "Feng Qing Tsui," also known as the Flower City - Florence. "Qian Lengcui" was first translated by Xu Zhimo, a famous modern poet. It is far more poetic, more colorful, and more consistent with the temperament of the ancient city than the other translated name "Florence." Visit the "Sovereign Plaza", the appearance of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. The Cathedral of the Virgin Mary is a great Renaissance building. It was built in 1295 and was finally completed in 1496. It is the fourth cathedral in the world. This large dome of the church is the world's first large dome consisting of ten reliefs. The dome looks like a beautiful giant flower and is said to be as high as 106 meters. After driving to the Italian town, drive to the Italian town and stay at a nearby hotel.

Transport: Bus Meals: Early.*.Late Hotel: Three-Four Star Hotel

Into the Romantic Capital of the Netherlands
the tenth day

May 24

Piacenza v Giuseppe

After breakfast on site, visit Lucerne, which has beautiful fields and charming country lanes. Magnificent snow-capped mountains, ancient towns. It is a famous city of culture. Artists have received inexhaustible inspiration here. Historically, many famous writers lived and wrote here. Visit 【Lake Lucerne】 (about 20 minutes), because this beautiful lake, the lakeside ancient city of Gifu has an alias of “Lakeside Paris”, the unique “Cabel Bridge” (about 15 minutes), is diagonally across the river A wooden long bridge of more than 200 meters, also known as the "bridge bridge." The Lion Monument (designed by the Danish sculptor Tar Barson) (about 10 minutes) listened to the touching stories of Swiss mercenaries in the French war and prayed for world peace. Afterwards, you can join a cruise on Lake Lucerne at your own expense, or shop freely at one of the famous Swiss watch shops. Take a rest at night near the hotel in Lucerne.

Transport: Bus Meals: Early.*.* Hotel: Three-Four Star Hotel

Into the Romantic Capital of the Netherlands

The eleventh day

May 25th

Lucerne v Paris

After breakfast in the hotel, travel to Paris, the “Romantic Capital”, where thousands of stalls Full of creative products, fashion designers. All of these have long made Paris a world famous capital and a place where countless tourists who are eager to be romantic have hoped to see it. Visit the Place de la Concorde (about 15 minutes) and the Arc de Triomphe (approx. 15 minutes). The famous Parisian street of the Champs-Elysees means "homeland". Stay overnight at a hotel near Paris.

Into the Romantic Capital of the Netherlands

Twelve days

May 26


After breakfast in the hotel, visit by car The Louvre ☆, one of the three largest museums in the world (visiting about 1.5 hours, without explanation). The collection has reached more than 400,000 items and is a real art hall. The entrance of the transparent pyramid in front of the museum was designed by the Chinese-American Pei. Visit the town hall Sambo: portrait of "Mona Lisa", statue of "Venus", statue of "Goddess of Victory". After that, head to department stores such as Europe's most famous Galeries Lafayette [Paris Spring] for free shopping to enjoy shopping and purchase your favorite products. Stay overnight at a hotel near Paris.

Transport: Bus Meals: Early.*.Late Hotel: Three-Four Star Hotel

Into the Romantic Capital of the Netherlands

Thirteenth Day

May 27

Paris V French Town (approx. 315 km)

After breakfast in the hotel, take a bus to visit the world famous Eiffel Tower (Appearance is approximately 10 Minutes), it is located at the northern end of Mars Plaza on the south bank of the Seine. It was built in 1889. The towers are all steel hollow structures. It is the tallest steel tower in the world. Go to the museum dedicated to recording the history of perfumes, the “Perfume Museum” (introduced for about 30 minutes). The most attractive people here are probably the perfume bottles of various stages of display. Gold, silver, glass, crystal, ceramic, these exquisite vials precipitate the fragrance of the years. After that, drive to the European town and stay at a nearby hotel for a rest.

Into the Romantic Capital of the Netherlands

Fourteenth Day

May 28

French Town v Amsterdam, The Netherlands v Brussels (approx. 211+211 km)

After breakfast in the hotel, it will take you to Amsterdam. It is the largest city in the Netherlands and has a population of about 1.1 million in the city, in the western province of the Netherlands. Tour: 【Museum Square】, the famous local square, surrounded by various museums. ZAZARE Diamond Museum, because Amsterdam is the world's leading diamond trading center, and its diamond processing technology can be world-class, visit this special museum can understand the charm and art of diamond from different angles. After driving back near Brussels, stay at the hotel to rest.

fifteenth day

May 29

Flying Brussels in Beijing

Reference Flight:HU492 BRUPEK 1340 0530+1

Breakfast: Breakfast at the hotel

In the morning: By car Airport check-in. Return to Beijing on an international flight.

Transport: Bus/Air Plane: Early.*.* Hotel: None

Day 16

May 30


The End of Beijing's Happy and Romantic Extraordinary European Classic trip!


1. The above itineraries, attractions, flights, and places of residence may be temporary Change, modifyOr, the final itinerary should be based on the itinerary confirmed by our company prior to departure.

2. Our agency reserves the right to change the itinerary and additional difference due to airline, visa, government, weather, etc.

3. The flight number and time listed in the itinerary are for reference only, and reasonable adjustments will be made according to the actual situation;

4. Time difference between Europe and Beijing time: 6 hours in summer; 7 hours in winter (different regions in different countries may also be in different times depending on local arrival time);

5. Distances between cities indicated in the itinerary, with reference to overseas maps, for reference only, depending on Local traffic conditions are adjusted;

6. Reminder: Pregnant women should not choose long-distance travel, please be cautious when registering with tourists.

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2. Team Travel Visa Fees;

3. Drivers and Tour Guide Tips and Urban Construction Taxes

4. European local standard three-four-star hotel double standard accommodation (two for one, including breakfast);

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6. Full-service air-conditioned coach, full-time driver;

7. Full-time Chinese tour leader service;

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2. Domestic transportation and accommodation costs incurred when applying for a visa;

3. Poor 40 Euro/person/night for a single room, including naturally generated tickets Person room;

4. Private expenses for laundry, hairdressing, telephone, drinks, alcohol and tobacco, pay-TV, baggage handling, etc.;

5. Baggage customs tax, excess baggage charges , Management fees;

6. Attractions and other expenses not covered in the itinerary, such as special tickets, cruises (wheels), cable cars, subway tickets, etc.;

7. Additional costs due to force majeure reasons such as traffic delays, strikes, high winds, heavy fog, flight cancellations or change times.

8. Visa related fees such as notarization, certification, etc.

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