Korean media: after a lapse of 9 months, the first batch of China groups of tourists will visit to South Korea next month

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Korean media: after a lapse of 9 months, the first batch of China groups of tourists will visit to South Korea next month

2017-11-30 20:00:03 705 ℃

Korean media: after a lapse of 9 months, the first batch of China groups of tourists will visit to South Korea next month

photograph: Yonhap </p>

xinjingwei client on 30 November, according to Yonhap news agency, Asiana Airlines 30 news, Chinese delegation of 32 tourists will be 2 next month on Asiana Airlines flight OZ334 from Beijing to Inchon airport. Asiana Airlines </p>

said, this will be the Chinese counter "Sade" in Korea and South Korea banned group tour products, the first batch of tourists to visit South Korea China group. </p>

Yonhap reported that 28 days, Beijing and the Shandong Provincial Tourism Bureau to allow travel agency sales to Korea travel products group. Later, Asiana Airlines and Beijing travel to the South Korean embassy to apply for 32 visa with the group of tourists. The </p>

news confirms previous reports. Previously, Yonhap reported that the National Tourism Department of China held a meeting on the 28 day. It decided to open group visitors to Beijing and Shandong. But group travel is forbidden to stay in Lotte Hotel, and no shopping is allowed. </p>

Korea News1 news network quoted the 28 South Korean tourism industry sources said, in addition to Beijing and Shandong, China National Tourism Bureau 29 days will be meeting in Guangzhou to decide whether to allow additional other travel agencies are also sold to Korea region tourism commodity group. </p>

on the 28 day China foreign ministry's regular press conference, foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang responded to China to Korea travel problems recovery group. Press conference, a reporter asked: according to reports, Chinese National Tourism Bureau of Beijing and Shandong today lifted part of the two delegations to visit. What does China comment on the resumption of tourism exchanges between the two countries? </p>

Geng said, I don't know what you mentioned. China has a positive and open attitude towards the exchanges and cooperation between China and South Korea. It is hoped that the Korean side will work with the Chinese side to create good conditions for the exchange of cooperation between the two countries. </p>

has never acknowledged the so-called "ban on Korean decree" by Han and the United States. On the 28 day, the global times had searched for the mainstream online travel platform, such as Ctrip, where the net, and the mother donkey, and so on, and did not find the destination for the South Korean tour group. The flying pig on the platform, there is a travel agency in Beijing from Tianjin to South Korea tourism project team, the group of early time is at the beginning of December. </p>

according to the Korean media after the news, since March this year, China to groups of tourists began to disappear, Chinese is highly dependent on the market of South Korea tourism industry suffered heavy losses. </p>

, Korean media reported that during the National Day Mid Autumn Festival, under the influence of "Saad", the number of Chinese group tourists is still zero, and the sales of duty-free shops inevitably decline. On 1-7 October, Chinese customers reduced the amount of shopping in the duty-free shop of Yue Tian by 25% compared with the National Day holiday last year. Although Lotte duty-free shops have carried out a lot of discounts against domestic customers, overall sales in this period are still 15% less than last year. </p>

, "Korea Daily" 28, said that according to the statistics of Modern Economic Research Institute, the "Saade" problem led to 7 million 988 thousand trips to Chinese tourists in South Korea, resulting in an economic loss of 18 trillion and 100 billion won. </p>

Korean media said that with the easing of relations between China and South Korea, in order to re attract Chinese tourists to visit South Korea, Hotel Korea industry has begun to renovate facilities to welcome the arrival of Chinese group tourists. (China new longitude and latitude APP) </p>

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