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Jeju Mythical World Marketing in China

2018-05-03 11:00:01 677 ℃

Recently there are rumors that the Jeju Myth World (located in Jeju Island, South Korea) built by Hong Kong listed company Blue Ding International has been delisted in mainland China and Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan markets, and Jeju mythological world with world-class integrated recreation and resort areas as the end Whether it is also operating in the Chinese market, opening the door and welcoming the guests for only a few months, the promotion marketing team has undergone major changes, what is behind the reasons? In this regard, the Beijing News reporter conducted a follow-up survey.

Before the opening ceremony, the layoff process has begun.

On March 8th, the Marketing Promotion Department of Jeju Myth World China Region ), Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Borong Travel”) employee Wang Long (a pseudonym) was suddenly notified to terminate the labor contract with the company, and the notice of the termination of the labor contract stated that “because the current main business of the company is limited, it caused serious losses, and It is difficult to sustain. The company and your labor contract were released on March X, 2018."

It is understood that Jeju Mythology World is an integrated recreation and recreation resort invested by Blue Ding Jeju Development Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Blue Ding International Group, in Jeju Island, South Korea. On February 25, 2018, the Blue Ding Casino, Marriott Resort and South Korean star Quan Zhilong Cafe opened; on March 22, the Jeju Myth World opened (from April 2017, the Jeju Myth World opened in phases) .

Wang Long told the Beijing News reporter that “Borong Travel is the marketing system of Jeju Myth World Greater China. Staffs were gradually dismissed from the beginning of March and the company was gradually shut down and ceased to be in China. Conducted its promotion and sales work, and notified previous travel agencies that they had cooperated to dismantle the products of Jeju Mythology World, and no longer accepted travel agency orders. The compensation and other processes after the employees were dismissed are gradually being resolved.” The above situation was announced in Jeju Mythology World. The opening was less than a week. Even before the opening, the layoff process has begun.

On April 24, a reporter from the Beijing News came to the nearby Golden Mile Center, the office location of the Beijing office of the Beijing-based Rongrong Travel, which was displayed on the corporate information inquiry platform. There was no Borong in the floor companies where office information was displayed. Tourism, Wang Long also admitted that "the previous Bo Rong travel department in Beijing did indeed work in Gemdale, but it has been removed."

Before the company was registered to work for Jeju Myth World

Borong Travel is on its face an independent company, whyAlso known as a system in the world of Jeju Mythology, according to the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System, Borong Tourism was established on February 13, 2017, with a registered capital of US$500,000. The legal representative is Chuzhongbang, which mainly deals with tourism information consulting. Corporate marketing planning, ticketing agents, etc. According to the information of the Tianxia investigation, the wholly-owned investment shareholders of Borong Travel are foreign (regional) companies, and the official website directly links to the official website of Jeju Myth World.

It was reported by the media that in the capacity of the deputy director of Blue Ding Jeju Co., Ltd. in January 2016, the company’s corporate bank, Chu Yong, signed a cooperation with Korea Travel Service Co., Ltd. (controlled by Hong Kong China Travel Group Co., Ltd.). memorandum. According to Wang Long, “Bo Rong Travel’s employees had already worked for Jeju Mythology before the company’s registration. The registration of Borong Travel on the one hand was for the purpose of facilitating the coordination between domestically registered companies and domestic companies, and also for the purpose of resolving employees’ affiliations. The company pays five insurance and one gold."

Partners also reduce sales

The staff of the Boryeong Travel Service stated to the Beijing News reporter that " Jeju Mythology world tickets, catering and hotel products can be booked and traveled normally.” Beijing Century Alliance China Travel Service and Jeju Myth World 400 customer service phones have given similar responses. The "Jeju Travel Guide Xiaoqin Store" on the Taobao platform also sells tickets. This seems to be different from the statement that Jeju Myth World has withdrawn from the Chinese market. However, for such a situation, Wang Long said that as a travel agency acquired by Jeju Myth World, there are still a few people in Century Hua Union who are maintaining basic operations.

According to the Beijing News reporter’s inquiry, the Blue Ding Hotel and Marriott Hotel in Jeju Mythology World has exhibit and booking entrances at booking, agoda and Ctrip. Ctrip customer service told reporters that Jeju Myth World Blue Ding Hotel can make a normal reservation on the platform and the hotel can be checked in after confirmation. Although the entrance ticket, restaurant, and hotel packaged products have a display page, the page has expired and cannot be booked.

In addition, the official website of Shougang CITS, Universal Express, and Ocean Travel, which has cooperated with it, has no single product or group product related to the world of Jeju Mythology. The staff of the free travel department of Shougang CITS stated that there is no routine trip and it can be handled separately. Since the beginning of this year, there has been no major improvement in South Korean tourism. Korean products are also not very easy to sell. Most brigadesThe club has not yet made a trip to South Korea.

■ Background

A number of Chinese companies have stakes in the resort

According to In February 2014, under the cooperation of Zhao Wei's husband Huang Youlong, Lan Ding International signed a cooperation agreement with the international gaming giant Yunding Singapore to jointly develop and operate the Jeju Island project. At the same time, Blue Ding International issued new shares to several investors such as Genting Group and Huang Youlong. In the same month, Huang Youlong subscribed for 500 million shares of Blue Ding International, accounting for approximately 3.12% of the total share capital after the expansion. However, Huang Youlong still holds shares of Blue Ding International. The company's annual report has not been disclosed. In addition, on the evening of January 5, 2018, China’s Golden Pacific, a Hong Kong-listed platform under the “Bao Neng Department” released an announcement that the company had increased its holding of 0.9% of Lan Ding International, and that “Bao Neng Department” was seen as an increase in the industry’s betting on gaming stocks. .

In fact, Chinese businessmen are very keen to invest in South Korea in the past few years, especially in real estate and holiday resorts. There are also many investments in casinos (casinos). In Korea, Greenland Group's investment in the “Halnashan Township” is a health and medical city project jointly developed by the Greenland Group and the Korean government. The project covers five-star hotels, casinos, duty-free shops, and water parks. New Hualian Group announced in early 2014 that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Hong Kong New Hualian International Land Co., Ltd. and Blackstone, Korea, jointly invested 200 million yuan to build Jinxiu Villa Resort in Jeju Island. Although there is no clear indication that a casino will be built, South Korea’s Blackstone has considerable experience in gaming operations.

In 2014, according to the latest data released by the market research portal “Kotra”, as of the end of June 2013, China’s capital attracted a total of 5.718 billion U.S. dollars, while the number of Chinese companies (legal and private owners) entering South Korea also Reached 2002 home.

Landing Casino: Increase the area of ​​the gaming venues by 7 times.

Jeju Mythology has a total area of ​​2.5 million square meters and an investment of over US$2.2 billion. At the beginning of the opening of the business, did the sales team in China rush to lay off staff and resorted to huge amounts of money to build a comprehensive tourist resort whether there is any hidden feeling?

In an interview with Wang Long, the other party revealed Jeju Mythical World to the casino Special attention from guests, saying "The sales promotion for Taiwan in April seems to have restartedHowever, it should be because there are more Taiwanese guests.”

The inference is not groundless. Referring to Jeju’s mythical world, one must mention the Blue Ding International behind him and his head and wisdom. The Anhui businessman did not show his wisdom in front of the media, but with the entry into the gaming industry, there was an increasing interest in him.

In April 2013, Lan Ding International signed a memorandum of understanding with Jeju Island, South Korea. It is planned to invest in Jeju Mythological Historical Park Tourism Real Estate Project in Korea, which allows the construction of hotels, entertainment venues, villas, etc. In February 2014, Blue Ding International introduced Yunding Singapore Company, which operates a casino club, and the two parties formed a joint venture company to jointly develop and Operating the Jeju Island Integrated Resort in Korea In April of that year, Blue Ding International acquired Strategic Dragon Global Limited, a gaming company in Jeju Island, South Korea, for approximately HK$876 million, and acquired Blue Ding as a license to operate in Korea. , The casino business was operated under the trademark of Beluga Ocean Casino at the Hyatt Regency in Jeju, South Korea and was renamed as Blue Ding Casino. February 22, 2018 , Blue Ding Casino moved to Jeju Mythology World and increased the area of ​​dedicated gaming venues by nearly 7 times.

■ Hidden Fees

People with information Claiming that the operator has saved costs,

A person familiar with Jeju Mythology World Headquarters, Mr. Liu (a pseudonym) revealed that less than a month ago, two Jeju World Headquarters were The person-in-charge has also come to Beijing for research and conducted direct meetings with several travel agencies and wholesalers, and the tourism products promoted are mainly holiday products such as theme parks and YG entertainment towns.

Current travel to Korea It is still relatively unpopular, but it is only part of the lifting of the ban on travel groups from Beijing and Shandong to Jeju. Jeju mythological world is restricted on the one hand by travel to Korea, and the traffic volume of the group is not large. On the other hand, the product prices of the Jeju world are compared. High, especially hotels are mainly five-star hotels such as Marriott and Four Seasons, and it is difficult for traditional travel agencies to push down prices to sell. The combination of the two has limited profit margins, so travel agencies do not have much cooperation. Mr. Liu believes that it is still at present. Going to South Korea Stage, to save costs through layoffs will likely.

JejuThere has been no change in the Southeast Asia office and Seoul office of Myth World and it has not been confirmed or officially announced by relevant parties. As to whether or not the arguments of “just because they want to develop the gaming industry and no longer receive normal guests” are as reliable as the workshop, the Beijing News reporter also tried to contact Lan Ding International via email.

Industry sources believe that the market valued by Chinese-funded enterprises investing in tourism in South Korea is actually the majority of the Chinese market. Now it has gone to South Korea and encountered cold, and its investment in the early stage has failed to earn as expected. For this situation, we must wait for market changes or develop more markets in Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States.