Singapore Tourism passport and mobile phone on the line, even the taxi have access to alipay!

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Singapore Tourism passport and mobile phone on the line, even the taxi have access to alipay!

2017-09-19 02:04:29 717 ℃

Nafangwang hearing (media reporter / Su Ziwei) recently, Singapore's largest taxi company ComfortDelGro taxi officially announced Alipay access. So far, the mobile payment has fully covered the five major areas of Singapore's "basic necessities of play", which also means that Chinese tourists when you go to Singapore, you can take your passport and cell phone to swim.

"ComfortDelGro taxi taxi" under more than 15000 units, since the beginning of July Alipay access test run, a month has more than 10 thousand transactions, for China tourists in Singapore local travel offers more convenience. The general manager of Alipay Asia Zhang Dayong said: "now in Singapore, as long as China tourists with a mobile phone, you can taxi to them in the" discovery "of Alipay platform to find a place to experience the lives of local people in singapore."

Singapore is one of the most popular tourist destinations for family tourism and leisure tourism in the summer market. According to statistics, about 2 million 400 thousand Chinese tourists visited Singapore in 2016, and Chinese tourists have become the biggest tourist source in the region. People engaged in tourism industry in Singapore told reporters: "the number of tourists visiting Singapore Chinese increased year by year, businesses access Alipay retail and catering services, largely in order to attract tourists and service China."

Reporters learned that the mobile payment has a comprehensive coverage of Singapore, Alipay began to cooperate with local businesses in Singapore in early September 2015, Singapore is currently the country has nearly 2000 businesses to accept Alipay payment, including catering, retail, hotels, tourist attractions. Popular with tourists, Universal Studios Singapore, Singapore Zoo and river ecological park have full access to alipay.

Southeast Asia, renowned duty-free retail group Valiram's World Sentosa loungeat duty-free shop in the street, to operate the China goods for characteristics of traditional department store "Yuhua goods", the local well-known department store Metro Metrojaya and Robinsons department have access to Alipay, and launched a number of preferential payment for Chinese tourists.