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Cultural and Natural Heritage Day Series Announcement Chongqing Singapore to Collaborate in Tourism | Daily Travel News

2018-05-28 11:00:02 2122 ℃

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1. Cultural and Natural Heritage Day Series Event Release

June 9th is 2018 On the Cultural and Natural Heritage Day, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism will organize and carry out a series of activities before and after the Heritage Day. On the 22nd, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism released the relevant information.

According to reports, during the Heritage Day, more than 3,700 events, including the National Non-heritage Arts Week, non-heritage public lectures, and cultural and natural heritage daily non-exhibition film exhibitions, will be launched in parallel to comprehensively demonstrate recent years. Committed to China's outstanding achievements in fusion with modern life. The National Non-heritage Folk Arts Week will be held in Tianjin City from June 8th to June 14th as the heritage site of this year's heritage. This event is the first time in the country to perform all the national-level representative projects of the folk arts, and will organize more than 100 performances of arts into the community (villages), enterprises, campuses, military camp activities.

It is reported that all relevant units will organize a variety of intangible propaganda and display activities. For example, the Gongwang Palace Museum will continue to hold the "Splendid China - Invincible Costume Show" event; the National Library will continue to hold "Invite Talks Month" activities. Various local and intangible propaganda exhibitions will also be organized. At least 23 provinces, 218 cities and counties will hold 462 public experience and heritage activities. Some of the world's cultural heritage sites, archaeological parks, and cultural and scenic spots will adopt various forms. Provide discount tickets, complimentary tickets, compulsory explanation, public identification, special exhibitions and other services.

2. Chongqing and Singapore will cooperate in tourism to promote development
A few days ago, Chongqing and Singapore started cooperation in the field of tourism. It is understood that this cooperation will be carried out in three areas: exploring and establishing a multi-level cooperation mechanism between the two governments, associations, and enterprises, planning and innovating all-round cooperation between the tourism markets of the two places, and promoting cooperation in various aspects of tourism industry projects in the two places.

Data shows that in recent years, the tourism market in Fuxin and New Zealand has been interacting frequently, and the number of bilateral tourists has grown rapidly. In 2017, the number of tourists from Chongqing to Singapore was 173,800, an increase of 22.81% over the same period of last year. From Singapore to Chongqing, the number of inbound tourists reached 127,400, an increase of 21.06% year-on-year. Direct flights between Fuxin and New Zealand from the implementation of the projectThe five classes per week have increased to the current 14 classes per week. The tourism cooperation market between the two places has great potential.

It is understood that the cooperation will cooperate with the Chongqing Municipal Commission for Tourism Development, and organize the Chongqing Winter Tourism Promotion Conference in Chongqing to publicize the “Spring to the Riverside Welcome New Year” tourism fair and the promotion of China New Zealand (Chongqing) Kangye Tourism Promotion. Activities to attract Singapore companies to visit and invest. At the same time, docking tourism personnel training institutions to participate in the city's tourism personnel training, enhance the professional skills and comprehensive quality of tourism professionals. In addition, a group of Singaporean companies were organized to visit investment tourism projects. Singapore high-tech companies were introduced to participate in the construction of Chongqing tourism informatization, and “tourism + big data” was used to enhance the level of departmental management and visitors’ sense of experience.

3. Upgrading of the Palace Museum "Monday Closed": Closed on Mondays except Mondays, except for statutory holidays.

The National Palace Museum's "Monday closed" policy was upgraded again from June this year. From Monday onwards, the closed policy on Monday will also be implemented. This means that the National Palace Museum closed on Mondays throughout the year, except on legal holidays.

The National Palace Museum recently stated that in order to strengthen the protection of the cultural heritage of the National Palace Museum, the “Peace Palace Museum” project will be promoted, and more time will be devoted to the restoration of ancient buildings, restoration of cultural relics, and promotion of exhibitions. The Palace Museum The decision was made to close the museum on Monday in June 2018, except on national holidays.

According to reports, the increase in closing time is a further expansion and extension of the measures for the closure of the Palace Museum for many years, closing the opening window of the previous summer Monday. The Palace Museum decided to implement closed measures on Mondays during the summer months from July to September. This will allow the continuous operation of ancient building spaces, exhibitions, and service facilities to breathe. It also strives for more time for the smooth implementation of the “Peace Palace” project. And space. At this point, the Forbidden City truly achieved the closure of the National Palace Museum on Mondays and Mondays.

At the same time as closing, all the work in the hospital will be carried out as usual, especially many work that should not be promoted during opening hours, such as the inspection and maintenance of ancient buildings and cultural relics, the maintenance of exhibition equipment, and the inspection and maintenance of infrastructure facilities. And the construction, the maintenance of trees and greenery in open areas, the maintenance of furnishings and flowers, the maintenance and promotion of the hospital environment, and the systematic training of staff can all be carried out more systematically. At the same time, the "Safe National Palace Museum" project will be promoted to ensure the safety of ancient buildings and collections of cultural relics. It will also provide a safer and more comfortable environment for visitors. The ultimate goal of the "Peace Palace" project is 20In 20 years, 600 years after the Forbidden City was built, the National Palace Museum has basically entered a safe and stable state of health, comprehensively improved the level of management and service, and entered the ranks of world-class museums.

Incident passengers in Macau both rose on a monthly basis in April and April

The Macao SAR Government Statistics and Census Bureau recently stated that in April this year, Visitor arrivals totaled 2.96 million, an increase of 8.0% year-on-year and an increase of 8.3% month-on-month.

According to statistics from the Statistics and Census Bureau, there were 1.54 million overnight visitors and 1.42 million same-day visitors in April this year, an increase of 7.0% and 9.0% respectively year-on-year. The average length of stay of visitors was 1.2 days, which was the same as that of the same month of last year; the average length of stay of overnight and same-day visitors stayed at 2.1 days and 0.2 days respectively.

A total of 2.06 million tourists visited the Mainland in April this year, up by 16.5% year-on-year, of which individual travel visitors increased by 16.9% to 96 million. Mainland visitors mainly came from Guangdong Province and Hunan Province. The number of visitors to Taiwan was 94,000, an increase of 5.6% year-on-year, and that of Hong Kong visitors was 540,000, a decrease of 12.0% year-on-year. In addition, Korean tourists decreased by 5.9% to 61,000. U.S. passengers increased, while travelers from Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom decreased.

In the first four months of this year, Macao had a total of 11.5 million visitor arrivals, an increase of 8.4% year-on-year; 5.77 million tourists stayed overnight, and 5.52 million visitors were non-night visitors, an increase of 9.3% and 7.5% respectively.

5. Three scenic spots in Sichuan Leshan Oriental Buddha Capital were rectified and rectified by three detainees.

In May of this year, CCTV’s “Consumer Claims” column continued to address issues in the Sichuan tourism market. Exposure, among them, Leshan tourism order issue was exposed in the program on May 9.

Recently Leshan City held a conference on the comprehensive improvement of the tourism market order. In response to the “5.09” CCTV issue of Leshan tourism order, Leshan city-level related departments and the municipal districts and Emeishan City quickly launched operations. Actively organize investigations, follow laws and regulations, and pay attention to relevant tourism enterprises and personnel in order to effectively and effectively form a powerful shock.

The Leshan City Public Security Bureau set up a task force to conduct investigations on the fraudulent deception of visitors to the Golden Buddha Temple in the Oriental Buddha Scenic Area, and to the Golden Buddha Temple in the Eastern Buddha Scenic Area for alleged fraud.Personnel Ai, ancient criminal detention. The Office of the Sichuan Provincial Tourism Resources Evaluation Committee handled the warnings of the Oriental Buddha Scenic Area and ordered it to suspend business for three months and rectify it within three months.

Leshan City Tourism Commissioner arranges for Wang Tao, a staff member of Leshan Sanjiang Dafo Travel Service, to arrange a guided tour service for the tour team without obtaining a tour guide certificate. He intends to suspend the business license of Leshan Sanjiang Dafo Travel Agency. Directly responsible person Wang Mou imposed a fine of 20,000 yuan on administrative penalties; he was given orders to correct him, confiscated 150 yuan of illegal income, imposed a fine of 10,000 yuan, and imposed an administrative penalty.

The Leshan City Central Market and Quality Supervision Bureau, together with the Municipal Tourism Comprehensive Law Enforcement Detachment, administers the Buddha Daily Commodity Operations Department, the Corrugated Commodity Operation Department, and the Tsui Le Trading Company three shopping malls in Wumuyuan Scenic Area according to law. ban. The Office of the Sichuan Provincial Tourism Resources Assessment Commission handled the warning of Wumuyuan Scenic Area and ordered it to suspend business for one month and rectify it within three months. The Leshan City Tourism Resources Assessment Committee has issued a warning to Tiangong Kaiyuan Scenic Area and ordered it to suspend business for one month and rectify it within three months.

The Leshan City Central Market and Quality Supervision Bureau has closed the Haiyi Xiangyuan shopping site in accordance with the law and intends to revoke its business license. The Leshan City Public Security Bureau, on suspicion of bribing a non-state employee, investigated and interrogated seven related officers of Haishu Xiangyuan and held criminal detention against the principal responsible person Xu. The Emeishan City Market and Quality Supervision Bureau punished 200,000 yuan for improper propaganda and other unfair competition practices of the 100-year-old Cui Jewelry Business Department of Emeishan City and banned it according to law.

In addition, the Leshan City Development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Sports Commission, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce, the Municipal Bureau of State Taxation, and the Municipal Bureau of Local Taxation issued a joint report on May 21 st concerning the crackdown on the crackdown on the tourism shopping market. “Notice of Violations”, the relevant municipal departments will launch a comprehensive rectification of the tourism shopping market, and severely crack down on violations such as unlicensed and unlicensed operation of shopping malls, price violations, counterfeiting, commercial bribery, false publicity, strong sales, tax evasion, etc. Acts and severely investigate violations by travel agencies and tour guides.

6. Xining debuts Qinghai tourism card covering more than 40 scenic spots in the province.

A few days ago, the Qinghai tourism area card was first launched in Xining, and representatives of more than 40 high-quality scenic spots attended the ceremony. It is understood that the scope of use of the Qinghai tourism area card covers the Qinghai Lake Erlangjian scenic spot, mutual help Tu nationality homeland, etc.More than 40 scenic spots in the province provide visitors with great convenience for visiting the scenic spots in the province.

Qinghai tourism area card, in order to meet consumer travel demand, ease the supply and demand of scenic spots and tourists as a breakthrough, relying on the characteristics of Qinghai tourism resources, help Qinghai tourism high-quality development. Based on advanced face recognition technology, using face + two-dimensional code or face + ID card to quickly and accurately verify the user's identity, without ticket purchase, no need for queuing, easy access to the park, application of big data analysis, the integration of passenger suggestions The analysis provides a reliable basis for the development and planning of the scenic spot, provides favorable resources for the connection and offline, actively promotes the use of card functions, promotes the promotion and use of the card, provides portable services for passengers and scenic spots, and effectively integrates and subdivides scenic information resources. A detailed introduction on the official website provides convenience for tourists visiting Qinghai to purchase tickets, travel, and services.

7. Inner Mongolia connects the first high-speed rail line in the northeast region of China.

On May 22, with the CPG500 track-laying machine of China Railway No.14 Bureau, the last group of 500-meter-long steel rails was built. Safe and smooth laying on the sleeper marks the completion of the first high-speed rail linking Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to the northeast region from Liaoning Xinmin North to Inner Mongolia Tongliao high-speed rail.

According to Liu Shiguang, project manager of the Xintong High Speed ​​Rail project of the China Railway 14th Bureau, the Xintong high-speed rail line has a total length of 197 kilometers and a design speed of 250 kilometers per hour. Xintong High-speed Rail laying construction began on January 7, 2018, and 500 meters long rails were used to directly lay seamless lines. The project department insisted on quality first and adopted two of China's most advanced CPG500 track-laying machines with independent intellectual property rights for laying tracks to ensure the construction quality and achieved a track record of seven kilometers per day.

The Xintong High Speed ​​Rail started construction in June 2016 and is part of the “eight horizontal and eight vertical” high-speed railway network planned for the national medium and long-term railway network. It is connected to the Beijing-Shenyang high-speed railway under construction. Into the Northeast and even the national high-speed rail network. After the project is completed and operational, the train running time from Tongliao to Shenyang will be reduced from 5 hours to 1.5 hours, and Tongliao to Beijing will be shortened from 14 hours to 3.5 hours, which will play an important role in promoting the economic development of the eastern region of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

8. Heilongjiang plans to launch 30-50 boutique hotels by the end of 2020.

The Heilongjiang Provincial Tourism Commission recently said that this year Heilongjiang will develop vigorously.Specialized B&Bs, featured villages, pastoral complexes, and popular rural tourism products around the city, traffic trunks, and important tourism nodes. At the same time, the province plans to launch 30-50 tourism boutiques by the end of 2020 and issue certificates and signs.

In recent years, tourism B&B has gradually become a new form of development that boosts the development of rural tourism products. It is understood that this year Heilongjiang plans to vigorously launch the selection of tourism boutique hotels to promote upgrading of farm products.

According to reports, the province requires all localities to develop boutique hotel products based on the local natural and cultural characteristics, referring to the “Basic Requirements and Evaluation of Traveling B&Bs” of the Culture and Tourism Bureau during the development of the B&B. The Heilongjiang Provincial Tourism Commission will launch a selection of tourism boutique hotels, and plans to launch 30-50 tourism boutiques by the end of 2020, and issue certificates and signs.

In addition, the Provincial Tourism Commission also proposed to carry out rural tourism poverty alleviation projects. Actively nurture the main projects of poverty alleviation projects for rural tourism, strengthen the planning and guidance of excellent projects for poverty alleviation in rural tourism, and promote the construction of excellent tourism projects for rural tourism.

9. Hebei Province has established 45 nature reserves at various levels, and 13 national levels have recently issued a circular to the official website of Hebei Tourism Commission, May 22 (“International Biodiversity Day”), Hebei Province. Organized activities to celebrate the 25th anniversary of biodiversity conservation.

According to reports, since the establishment of the first batch of nature reserves in 1983, currently there are 45 nature reserves at all levels in Hebei Province. Among them, 13 are at the national level, 26 at the provincial level, and 6 at the county level, with a total area of ​​710,000 hectares. They play an important role in the protection of species genes and maintenance of ecological balance.

In February of this year, the 15 provinces, districts, and municipalities including the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei designated the red line for ecological protection was approved by the State Council. At present, the province has decomposed one by one the red line areas involved in all counties (cities, districts) of the province, and carried out the classification of three major categories of 17 ecological protection red line areas of important ecological functional zones, ecologically sensitive and vulnerable zones, and banned development zones. set.

10. In Qinghai Province, unannounced visits were carried out, and the issue of tourism scenic spots was organized according to the “Notice on Conducting Inspection and Inspection of the Comprehensive Remediation of the Provincial Tourism Market” of the Joint Meeting of Tourism Offices of Qinghai Province. Party Committee Propaganda Department Organization, Provincial Tourism Commission, Provincial Government Supervision Team, and the Fifth Supervision Team of the Five Media Staff in the Province to Qinghai Lake and TarTemples, Haibei Atomic City and other scenic spots and scenic spots around the catering, shopping stores (points) bullying customers, sky-high prices, sales of fake and shoddy goods and other serious violations of the market order violations of law and conduct unannounced visits. The unannounced visits found that the tourist services of these scenic spots were not satisfactory.

Inadequate service during unannounced visits to tourists is unsatisfactory, the quality of Kunlun jade is uneven, and cheating is still there. Relevant sections indicate that the scenic spots will be supervised.

11. Main body caps of Universal Studios, Beijing Metro

On May 22nd, in the Tongzhou Cultural Tourism Area Beijing Global Theme Park and Resort Project, the Universal Studios Metro constructed by China Railway Second Engineering Co., Ltd. The station successfully capped after 511 working days. A substantial breakthrough was made in the main structure of the station that marked “the place where the dream began.” The steel structure, curtain wall, and decoration construction will be followed to lay the foundation for the trial operation of the Metro Line 7 eastward next year.

It is reported that the subway station implements four inbound decentralized passenger flows, and a total of more than 400 gate entrances are arranged. Combined with the capacity provided by the two subway lines, it can respond to the instantaneous large number of 40,000 people per hour. Passenger flow is 3 times that of an ordinary subway station.

The east line of Metro Line 7 is located in Chaoyang and Tongzhou. It is an important east-west line that crosses Beijing Nancheng. It consists of 9 stations and 9 blocks east from the coking plant station. “Currently, We have already achieved the capping of the four stations and the interlinking of one area, which laid the foundation for the opening of the 7th line by the end of next year, and also prepared for the opening of the Universal theme park.” Kong Hong said that at present, the project is still in accordance with the design. The program "Dream Start" was designed and constructed, and there was no adjustment.

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