2018 miraculous Thailand tourism year start ceremony is held in Beijing

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2018 miraculous Thailand tourism year start ceremony is held in Beijing

2017-12-19 20:00:24 767 ℃

Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, the popular tourist city of Thailand and its spectacular for domestic travel enthusiasts for having heard it many times but apart from these, all over Thailand, there are different Thai style waiting for tourists to experience China. On the afternoon of December 19, 2017 in Beijing Qianmen Blue Note hosted the "2018 magic start Thailand tourism year ceremony", Thailand National Tourism Bureau Beijing Office (hereinafter referred to as the "Thailand tourism bureau Beijing Office) to share the magic Thailand in 2018 the latest tourism theme to love Thailand travel enthusiasts, and invited Thailand to travel up to the people to share they were on the quality of Thailand tourism experience and deep feelings, to let everyone know better Thailand trip.

it is understood that the 2018 years there will be many magical Thailand theme activities, such as sports tourism, tourism, water tourism delicacy, wedding tourism, health and leisure tourism and local travel experience, to make travel enthusiasts like Thailand local people like to feel the depth of the charm of Thailand, make Thailand become the first choice tourism destination of the high-quality tourism lovers heart.

data: before 2017 October there were 8199510 people in the Chinese visitors to Thailand, compared with the same period last year increased by 5.26%, accounting for about 28.44% of all foreign tourists, Thailand revenue 435 billion 491 million baht (about 87 billion yuan), an increase of 8.34%, accounting for about 29.57% of the total revenue of all foreign tourists.

launch site, Thailand National Tourism Bureau Secretary - LAN Juan - East Lu soup to the scene of the lady in the tourism industry, media friends and fans welcome and thanks, explained the 2018 magical Thailand tourism new theme - there is a matter of the significance of Thailand tour to you, to show the different parts of Thailand Thai style, invited China tourists, tourists to go to experience the world. For example, in food tourism, "from the street food to the advanced restaurant, the Thailand diet has a variety of characteristics. In early December, Bangkok Michelin guide available, a total of 17 restaurants in Bangkok have Michelin star and a star. Visitors can taste it with the guide. In addition, there are many diverse tourist attractions, such as nature, craft, culture and daily life, waiting for your experience. " After

this ceremony in addition to start new theme 2018 magical year of Thailand, it is a host for the partners and media friends and fans of the year-end daxiehui Rak thai. According to statistics, more than 200 thousand people have been harvested since the launch of the official WeChat (TAT-BJ) of the Beijing Office of the Thailand National Tourism Bureau (Beijing Office). In order to celebrate this achievement and thank our partners, media friends and fans for their attention and support, we have specially planned this lively on-site appreciation.

Thailand travel agency Beijing office at the scene not only invited Patara and Xintai heart the kitchen for the guests, partners, media friends and fans and friends to provide the authentic Thai snacks, but also from the attendance began to create a strong link Thai fashion and celebrations, and through the wonderful Thai Dance and interactive activities, let everyone feel as close to Thailand, Thai style. In addition, the Thai Tourism Bureau Beijing office at the active site for the lucky guests selected by the Thailand international aviation public limited company, Bangkok airlines, YTL HOTELS, Meinuo hotel group, Chiang Mai Dai Lantawei Resort Hotel, the Shangri-La Hotel group, like wine group, Rayong International Machine Center Holiday Suites Hotel offer package awards. And the interactive prizes provided by SNAIL WHITE Shi Ni Wei, 24Shopping, and Bodhi SPA. According to the