Thailand free travel APP essential artifact, fast Get go!

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Thailand free travel APP essential artifact, fast Get go!

2017-12-26 02:00:16 720 ℃

with the prosperity of Thailand's tourism industry,

more and more people like to go to Thailand free exercise,

English is not always unimpeded!

Thai people don't have to be said English ~~

both directions, meal, bargain, ride......

What do you do? Never mind, this world there is a tool called "text-align: center" mobile phone APP

APP artifact in hand, the saying goes, "

feel that as long as there is 3G network and the app

four sea are home!

, of course, rechargeable treasure is also very important!


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SpeakThai is launched by the Thailand tourism APP, can be directly arranged on the right side of the bottom of the Setting language, from English change to other languages can be, you can meet the needs of people in Thailand and exchange. There will be many kinds of categories on APP, such as shopping, tourism and hospitals. There will be some simple sentences in it. If you want to say anything, you can directly use Thai pronunciation to communicate with store owners, Sa-wa-di-ka!

Thailand free travel APP essential artifact, fast Get go!

, of course, Xiaobian most appreciates that there is an important place in the category. There are embassies, police bureaus, banks and so on. It is convenient for passengers to request help from the authorities in an emergency.

Thailand free travel APP essential artifact, fast Get go!


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Google Translate

Google Translate Google translation can basically meet the general requirements, Google translation can be translated in the picture, such as pick up the mobile phone English shooting menu, you can know the menu content of what it means. Google translation is faster, more accurate, and the second kills the online translation function of the travel interpreter.

most of the time, we go out to play is not required for application of translation, only body language and the heart will be able to complete a commune. If you do have a thick skin, brain hole large enough, with Google translate is a tiger with wings added.


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called the Thailand version of the public comment, although the language is only English optional, but the picture is also very good understanding. APP provides more than 16 million Thailand food recommendations, the choice of restaurants can be more direct navigation, very convenient. In addition to eating, you can also search for nearby Spa, shopping mall, and so on.

Thailand free travel APP essential artifact, fast Get go!

restaurant is sorted and sorted by region, cuisine and so on. We can also see the most popular restaurants recommended by Thai people, restaurant discounts and so on, which are super practical.


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although now the world has a lot of restaurants APP, but different from other APP, Foodspotting comment is not merely a restaurant, but also the details to a dish in a restaurant, or a kind of food. For example, if you want to eat anything with Nanyang flavor, such as curry, this APP can help you find all kinds of curry flavor restaurants around you, and other people's comments on it!


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free for the necessary traffic APP, it will be able to know how to take the subway, but also can be seen between the site and the site where the interchange, simple operation. There are multiple languages to support offline maps and search. After choosing the departure site, we can also see the train timetable and the train plan, which is beneficial to the planning of the schedule in advance.


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Bangkok MRT

and a lot of places like Thailand subway map and let people see dazzling, but the Bangkok MRT APP will BTS Silom Line BTS Sukhumvit, Line, MRT, BRT and the airport express line is divided into 5 colors, coupled with the "Bangkok Thailand Transit" used together, believe that you go to Thailand is not afraid of sitting on the wrong subway. The most special thing is that every site has "Thai" speech. When you don't know how to go to the subway station to ask for help from the locals, you can show them by pressing the button.

Thailand free travel APP essential artifact, fast Get go!


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through llink, we came to the Thailand Bangkok subway, MRT BTS can see the subway and airport MRT mrt map, in addition to display Thai name and road building, there will be English, so it is very clear and easy to understand. As long as you have llink, you don't have to look up the map of the paper.