Do not look regret will be shopping in Bangkok Raiders ~

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Do not look regret will be shopping in Bangkok Raiders ~

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As a city girl who loves big cities, I think Bangkok is far more fun than the seaside and the ancient city. There is nothing more interesting than a big city. Natural scenery is good, but it is always a thin existence. In Bangkok, it is more lively and more of a yuan, it has a long history and Buddhist civilization, but also has modern fashion and rich nightlife, it has 24 hours of uninterrupted prosperous and harmonious, but also can make people relaxed and happy. It did not stop for a moment because it has been growing.

Do not look regret will be shopping in Bangkok Raiders ~

The best word to describe Bangkok is "shopping paradise". There are many international luxury brands, popular fashion apparel, and a wealth of Southeast Asian local products. The difference between Bangkok and other big cities lies in the obvious price advantage. The value-for-money exchange rate plus the constant sales of Sale make Bangkok a tourist shopping center.

Do not look regret will be shopping in Bangkok Raiders ~

Bangkok's shopping centers are mainly in the Siam Square area. There are not only large shopping malls that are row upon row, Big C supermarkets that are hand-picked, but also a duty-free shop that is set up specifically for tourists so that visitors do not have to endure the haste of airport shopping, and they can buy enough.

Do not look regret will be shopping in Bangkok Raiders ~

What's worth buying?

  • Fashion brand clothing

Bangkok's popular fashion brand price is cheaper than in China In particular, the price of jeans for Lee and Levis is the most cost-effective. A pair of jeans is equivalent to two or three hundred yuan, equivalent to 50% off in China. Wacoal, Triumph, ELLE's lingerie and swimwear are also popular because of their premium prices. Although the price of some brands is not much different from that in China, the more abundant styles and the brands that are not common in China can easily help you avoid the swoosh.

Do not look regret will be shopping in Bangkok Raiders ~

A lot of Thai local brands are also the focus of tourists' consideration in Bangkok. They are known as Jaspal of Thailand Zara, Greyhound of Tide brand, Sretsis of aristocratic Fan, international range of children. FlyNow and others have one vote in China.

Do not look regret will be shopping in Bangkok Raiders ~

  • Luxury

As the most developed city in Thailand, Bangkok is home to many of the world's top luxury brands. Although the styles in the store are mostly based on models, the price is very good in the entire Asian region.If you want to start one or two luxury goods, you can consider starting in Bangkok!

Do not look regret will be shopping in Bangkok Raiders ~

Select three locations for luxury goods

  • Siamese dealers Circle Siam

There are three luxury shopping malls in Bangkok: Siam Paragon, Central Chidlom, and Suntech Central Embassy, ​​a household luxury like BVLGARI, LV, Channel, Prada Find it here.The advantage of these malls is that there are more luxury brands and new styles.

  • King Power Shop King Power

The duty-free shop in Bangkok's downtown area allows tourists to enjoy tax-free benefits with their passports. Not only luxury brands such as Cartier and Burburry can be bought here. Such as SKII, L'Oreal and other Thai defeat cosmetics are also readily available.

  • Airport Duty Free (Don Muang, Suvarnabhumi Airports)

Like duty-free zones at major airports The two major airports in Bangkok are also the focal points for cargo scanning. Suvarnabhumi Airport is Bangkok's international airport. It is also a place where first-line luxury goods and cosmetics are complete. In contrast, because Don Mueang Airport mainly carries Thai domestic flights, the luxury brands of duty-free shops are not rich in Suvarnabhumi.

Do not look regret will be shopping in Bangkok Raiders ~

Bangkok Package

Bangkok is mostly used Thailand's local fabrics have become a hot commodity in Thailand because of its soft texture and compact appearance. In fact, the Bangkok bag is a general name for a country of origin in Thailand. There are also many brands that sell Bangkok bags. Among them, NaRaYa is the most famous brand. This store has many stores in the Siam business district. The number of stores on the first floor of the Cent World World Center (Central World). In addition, brands such as Nantita, Ferera and Pataya also sell Bangkok bags. To reduce the chance of “crashing,” check out these stores.


Branding cosmetics in Bangkok are not to be missed. The cheapest place in the world known as L'Oreal, the price is only one third of the domestic. Other famous big-name prices are also very cost-effective, such as SKII Facial Water, Estee Lauder Toner, Revlon lipstick, The Body Shop body milk.

Local skin care and cosmetics in Thailand are also quite popular. Especially in recent years, Snail White Snail Cream, ele sleep mask and Beauty Buffet have become famous for their popularity. The biggest feature of Thai local brands is the price is friendly and easy to use. However, tourists should be reminded to purchase in regular malls such as Watsons, Boots, etc. to avoid quality problems in the products.

Where can I buy cosmetics?

Dior, Channel and other international high-end brands have their own counters in large shopping malls, like Revlon.L'Oreal, as well as some local brands, can be found in comprehensive supermarkets such as Watsons and Boots.

Boots, a British-based supermarket, also has its own products, including the Cucumber Series, No. 7 Series and Cleansing Oil.

Latex pillow

The latex pillow is a Thai-made pillow made from natural rubber in tropical plants and emulsified at low temperatures. Due to its soft texture, breathable and elastic qualities, it has become one of the internationally recognized sleep pillows and is favored by the Thai royal family.

To buy latex pillows in Bangkok, you must look for local brands. These brands of latex pillows are produced locally in Thailand and are of a guaranteed quality. The price of a pillow is generally 300-500 RMB.

Do not look regret will be shopping in Bangkok Raiders ~


The biggest feature of Thai snacks It is the novelty of taste. Curry-flavored seaweed, winter yum-flavored cookies, and all kinds of exaggerated Southeast Asian flavours and snacks have become “protagonists” in supermarkets. Crispy and delicious little owner of seaweed (Tao Kae Noi), delicious and delicious big brother (Koh-Kae), various tastes of Glico Pocky, delicious Thai fruit, delicious and tempting Bin Tao Bonto, MAMA brand instant noodles, etc., are the first choice for visitors to Thailand's “early tasting”.

Do not look regret will be shopping in Bangkok Raiders ~

In addition to this In addition, it is also possible to bring home the Southeast Asian specialties such as curry powder, Tom Yum Goong soup and fish sauce in the supermarket. Thailand's bird's nest is also particularly well-known, supermarkets can buy ready-to-eat, but also can buy some dry goods in a large specialty store to carry.

Thai-style ointment

Thailand's strategic location has given birth to a wealth of precious herbs. Many small ointments from Thailand are easy to carry and work well and are listed by many tourists as a must-have item in Bangkok.

Do not look regret will be shopping in Bangkok Raiders ~

Silk Products

Silk is soft, colorful and full of special luster. It is a cloth fabric that Thai people like very much. It is one of the main raw materials for ethnic costumes such as sand cages, etc. Thai silk sells both pieces of cloth and molded clothes, as well as tourist souvenirs such as place mats, neckties and scarves.

Thailand's most famous Thai silk brand is Jim Thompson (Jim Thompson). The chain stores can be found in duty-free shops in Bangkok's business districts. It has become a symbol of Thailand's high-end gifts. The prices of the products vary widely, ranging from dozens of dinosaur mats to four or five hundred RMB sand traps. Visitors can pick ones on demand.

Do not look regret will be shopping in Bangkok Raiders ~

Where to shop?

  • One-stop shopping-Saiam Business District (Siam)

Bangkok's Siam Business District is at the heart of the entire city and Bangkok's most prosperous area. There is no shortage of well-known international fashion brands, but there are countless top-tier luxury stores and fully-equipped Big C supermarkets, especially for those who want to stop shopping.


  • Siam

Siam Shopping Mall & Skytrain Siam Station Adjacent to it, it is mainly composed of three large shopping centers: Siam Center, Paragon, and Discover Centre.

The center of Siam is mainly local brands in Bangkok. The Bha Lok Palace is dominated by international luxury goods, while the Discovery Center has more popular brands.Siam Ocean World, the largest aquarium in Southeast Asia, is located on the basement floor of the Bole Palace and is a summer resort and fun spot. .

Do not look regret will be shopping in Bangkok Raiders ~

  • MBK Center

< p> It is mainly a private shop run by local people and is a good place for bargaining, as if the outdoor night market is simply categorized and put into big shopping malls layer by layer. The goods that can be selected include souvenirs, clothes, bags, electronic products. And so on, the key is to be able to bargain!

Do not look regret will be shopping in Bangkok Raiders ~

  • < p>Central World:

A fully-equipped shopping mall consists of three parts: Zen Department Store on both sides And Isetan department store, in the middle of Central World, shopping malls are relatively affordable, mainly cheap brands, and all kinds of cheap Japanese, European, American and Thai local brands can be found here.The famous Bangkok bag brand NaRaYa ( Naraya) is located in Shang Tai World. There is a big Big C supermarket directly opposite the shopping mall, which is the best choice for buying Thai snacks and local specialties.

Do not look regret will be shopping in Bangkok Raiders ~

  • Termina L21 shopping center:

Treminal21 is just like its name, like an international terminal building. The decoration of each floor in the commercial building is a The characteristics of the country with its distinctive personality are highly sought after by young people.There are not many big brands here, mainly low-cost brands and private shops.The shopping mall is more suitable for taking pictures, and tourists aiming at accurate shopping can choose another place.

Do not look regret will be shopping in Bangkok Raiders ~

Purchased goods must go to the market — Batu Place Weekend Market

Only open on weekendsPutting Bangkok's "trump card" on the bargain market, a huge outdoor area filled with local people's booths. This is a great place for picking local goods including clothing, essential oil soaps and a wide variety of handicrafts. The classic Thai snack bar is interspersed with a variety of goods stalls for visitors to enjoy while eating. The commodities in the market are already cheap, and there is room for continuation of counter-offers.

Do not look regret will be shopping in Bangkok Raiders ~


1. Market Area Very large, the booths are all located outdoors and need to pay attention to sun protection.

2. The market is open only on weekends and is full of popularity. It needs to be prepared for people to stroll around.

3. Business Hours: 9:00-18:00 on weekends (successions will be announced).

4. How to get there: Take the BTS to Mochit Station, about 40 Baht (8RMB).

Do not look regret will be shopping in Bangkok Raiders ~

  • Downtown Duty Free Shop - King Power Duty Free Shop (King Power)

Didn't visit the airport duty free shop? The King Power Duty Free Shop in downtown Bangkok allows you to stroll to your legs with a tax-free premium price. This large duty-free shop and the duty-free shops at Bangkok’s two airports are both part of King Power and the largest tax-free shop in Bangkok. The reason why it is necessary to set up a single office in the urban area is to hope that tourists can have more time for selection on the basis of tax exemption.

Duty-free shops are mainly divided into two floors. The first floor is blue-labeled goods (non-tax-free goods) and mainly sells local products such as clothing, health products and souvenirs. Can be taken directly after purchase, but the goods are not tax-free (tax rebates can apply). The second floor is white-labeled goods (duty-free goods) and is also an area where tourists visit. Including the top international brands of luxury goods, watches, electronic products and cosmetics worth buying. After the purchase, the staff will send duty-free goods to the airport, and the tourists will pick up the goods at the airport by means of the pick-up orders.

Do not look regret will be shopping in Bangkok Raiders ~

Shopping Procedure

  • Apply Shopping

After entering the duty-free shop, go to the service counter in the middle of the hall to apply for a tax-free shopping card with your passport. You need to fill in the shopping form (Chinese version) and provide the departure flight number and departure date. return flight not purchased in the visitors would not be duty-free shopping.

  • clearing goods

After picking the product, present your purchase registration card at the checkout counter and wait for the staff to complete the scan and give you a bill of lading. Duty-free items cannot be taken on the spot Visitors must pick up the goods at the airport to pick up the goods at the airport, and the airport must collect the goods.The duty-free shop requires the tourists to complete the purchase at least five hours before the flight, but it is recommended that visitors at least one day in advance to avoid the goods delivery is not timely. Risk.

  • Payment

Duty-free shop payment can use cash and multi-channel savings, credit cards such as UnionPay, VISA, etc. What is important is that Alipay payments are currently available. Alipay payments are as convenient as domestic ones, and they also convert real-time exchange rates, and there are no fees.

  • How to get there:

Take the light rail BTS to Victory Monument Station, exit 2 and walk 5 minutes.< / p>

Full Souvenir supermarket -Big C

Big C in Thailand is the most popular large supermarket chains, all over Thailand. There is a wide range of Thai snacks and specialties here, and you want to buy Thai specialties such as seaweed, durian, Southeast Asian instant noodles, chilli sauce, bird's nest, and so on.The Big C Supermarket opposite Central World in Bangkok ,scaleThe largest. There is a brand shop on the first floor, popular brands such as Bata and Wacoal, and a large supermarket on the second floor.

Do not look regret will be shopping in Bangkok Raiders ~

  • How to Refund

All goods purchased in Bangkok are subject to a 7% consumption tax. After spending a certain amount of money, visitors can apply for a tax refund on their own passport with a Thai tourist visa within 60 days of purchase.

  • Tax Refund

Stay in Thailand Not more than 180 days.

The purpose of the trip is to travel to Thailand, not to be a flight attendant or to perform other business activities.

If you spend 2,000 baht (400 renminbi) in the same store or the same shopping center, you can apply for a refund immediately. At the time of departure from Thailand, the total amount of vouchers for a purchase certificate is 5,000 baht (1,000 yuan), which can be refunded at the airport.

Refunds are available for purchases at stores marked “VAT Refund For Tourists”. The goods purchased at Big C, a famous Thai supermarket, are not refundable.

  • Refund Process

Paste Shopping malls with "VAT Refund" signs or signs, after shopping for more than 2,000 baht, issued a yellow tax return at the tax refund counter with a small ticket and passport.

When you leave the country, you must bring your entire baggage to the Customs office of the tax refund first, and pass the passport and the yellow tax return to the Customs officers for inspection. Customs will conduct random checks on duty-free goods. After the inspection, the yellow tax return will be stamped and signed.

After the signature of the customs officer, the boarding pass and exit procedures can be processed normally.

After passing the border inspection, arrive at the airport duty free shopping area to the tax refund office with a yellow tax return and passport for cash collection.

  • Tips:

1. A tax refund of 100 Baht will normally be applied for refunds.

2. If you want to apply for a refund, you must set aside sufficient time to avoid missed opportunities.

Do not look regret will be shopping in Bangkok Raiders ~

The dynasty that began in 1782 has been called the "Bangkok dynasty." Bangkok is a symbol of the Thai spirit. This is a city full of civilizations, traditions and modernities. It is not enough to visit the city for a week. It is a super stylish city in Asia and a place full of vitality and many dimensions.

If you have time, you must experience his beauty and cultural charm.