The black-and-white “Thai godfather” almost ruined Pattaya...

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The black-and-white “Thai godfather” almost ruined Pattaya...

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The black-and-white “Thai godfather” almost ruined Pattaya...

Beautiful coastal city of Pattaya

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Thailand's tourist district is famous for its "sunrise of the sun", beach, and seafood. It is known as "Oriental Hawaii" and is a world-famous emerging seaside resort. Located 154 kilometers southeast of the capital, Bangkok, and the Gulf of Siam between the Indian Peninsula and the Malay Peninsula, the urban area covers an area of ​​more than 20 square kilometers. The scenery is beautiful and the climate is pleasant. The average annual temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius.

The black-and-white “Thai godfather” almost ruined Pattaya...

But this beautiful town, but it was almost a local The politicians were ruined. Fortunately, in the end, the Thai government turned the tide and took the Thai Godfather, Som Khun, into jail, so that there was now such a beautiful and bustling Pattaya. What politician has committed such a big crime? Let’s take a look at the exciting content of this issue!



Somchai Kunben, who was the mayor of the original Pattaya in Thailand at the beginning of this century, is known as the “father of Thailand”. The propaganda slogan of the city is: "Phatiam never sleeps. For you, she is the best tourist attraction." After decades of development, Pattaya has become a world-famous tourism, sightseeing and holiday resort. "Oriental Hawaii" attracts millions of tourists from all over the world each year.

Pattaya is part of Chon Buri Province. It has more than ten kilometers of beaches on the seashore. It not only calms and relaxes, but also has white sand and silver, sea water is pure and transparent, and the coast is full of coconut trees and tropical scenery. As early as the 13th century, Pattaya was once a resort for Thai kings to reward soldiers. After that, Pattaya seemed to be forgotten. Until the 1960s, it was still a sparsely populated small fishing village. The locals made a living by planting sweet potatoes.

The black-and-white “Thai godfather” almost ruined Pattaya...

The Thai government took the opportunity to plan the Pattaya area as a special zone, allocate funds and encourage Domestic and foreign businessmen investing and developing, along with the development of Pattaya, merged their neighboring nakalu and entered into a city with independent administrative rights since 1978. But behind the beautiful scenery, crimes have been sinister and surging. The names of “sex capitals” are also particularly rampant for drug abuse and gang activities.



The prosperity and dark side of Pattaya, all of which cannot be relied upon by the mayor of Somchai Khumbbon. Satisfied with all wishes, Pattaya is completely foreign to Thailand, guns, pornography and drug gambling are completely exempt from protection in Pattaya. As long as you have money, you can do whatever you like in Pattaya.

In Pattaya, Thai law is a piece of paper, so long as you get the money to make him nod, even if it is the most wanted criminal, or It is a business that is dirty enough and black enough to be carefree in Pattaya.Although Sang guess left the mayor in the new century, he still has great influence in Pattaya and becomes an umbrella for the local black and evil forces. Even known as "Thai Godfather."

The black-and-white “Thai godfather” almost ruined Pattaya...

After leaving the mayor In order to accumulate wealth and conjecture to engage in smuggling business, Ba Yun is a big businessman who both black and white in Thailand can enjoy.Song guess and he jointly smuggled cigarettes and wine worth 12 million baht and sold them to various hotels and entertainment centers in Pattaya. Because of the conflicts of interest distribution, the two factions were arrogant and wanted to be put to each other's death.

Sang guess took out 3 million baht and hired two gunmen to chase Ba Yun. March 2003, Ba When he was allowed to participate in a wedding ceremony of a socialite, he was killed by gunmen on the spot.Thailand caused great repercussions. At that time, the Thai government wanted to control the "city of crimes," Pattaya, and then launched a police force to capture the gunmen and pulled out behind the scenes.

The black-and-white “Thai godfather” almost ruined Pattaya...

In June 2004, the court sentenced Sunghai 25 for murder. Years of imprisonment, in addition, the court was sentenced to five years for bribery, perjury, and abuse of power. Thai media commented at the time that the verdict on Soong guess was a victory in the judicial system construction process. Sonchai’s eldest son was the Minister of Tourism of Thailand. The media had disclosed that he wanted to release his father with 10 million baht, but there have been few reports of this case since then.

The black-and-white “Thai godfather” almost ruined Pattaya...

One month prior to this, Somchai was also taken by the court. He was sentenced to five years and four months of imprisonment for bribery, perjury, and abuse of power. The judgment on the 21st said that Somchai will start a new sentence after serving the previous sentence. Somcai is one of Thailand's famous political aficionados. His sphere of influence is mainly in the tourist city of Pattaya. The Thai media believed that the verdict on Soong guess was a victory in the judicial system construction process.



On April 2, 2015, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Thai Princess Sirindhorn, the Thai government issued a royal pardon order, which resulted in the reduction or release of 178,000 prisoners across the country. Known as the “church of the Chonburi prefecture”, Thailand’s famous political prisoner, Sungai Khunben, is also on the list of pardons. He was sentenced to 25 years’ imprisonment for plotting to murder his political opponent, Ba Yun Citi. Nowadays, Somcs has been released from prison, but now he has no morality and can only live in disrepair.

The black-and-white “Thai godfather” almost ruined Pattaya...

Pattaya today is 200 to 300 times a year. An international conference attended by hundreds of people is held here;With more than 1 million passengers and foreign currency exchange equivalent to more than 7 billion Thai Baht, it is one of the important pillars of Thai tourism. Every night, the lights are bright, and the neon lights and lights of big shops, big hotels, song and dance halls and nightclubs are shining. There are rows of small kiosks on both sides of the street. Pop music fills the streets and alleys. The pedestrians on the street are busy and busy.

The black-and-white “Thai godfather” almost ruined Pattaya...

The beach in Pattaya is sunny, blue and clear, and white and silver. Coconut Lin Mao Ting, small villa villas nestled in the green leaves and red tiles, a unique tropical scenery of the East, is delightful, is a good seaside swimming pool. Water sports such as water skiing, surfing, and gliding, parachute jumping and parachute rides can be enjoyed. On the island of Koh Lan on the southern tip of the beach, you can also take a transparent long-tailed transparent long-tail boat to admire the colorful coral landscapes and tropical fishes on the seabed. Colorful fireworks are used to decorate the night. Tiya's night sky. The city is now gradually creating a healthy, sporty and casual modern tourism scene that welcomes guests from all over the world.

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