Even worse than the "Tai Ba", tourists encountered Chinese black tour guides, and in the middle of the night "collectively fled!"

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Even worse than the "Tai Ba", tourists encountered Chinese black tour guides, and in the middle of the night "collectively fled!"

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Even worse than the Tai Ba, tourists encountered Chinese black tour guides, and in the middle of the night collectively fled!

According to statistics, in 2017, the number of Chinese tourists to Thailand was approximately 9.8 million, which is the same 11.97% growth. As the number of people continues to climb, some problems have followed. Some of the domestic travel agencies are using low-cost carriers to take advantage of the travel arrangements, reception levels, and safety factors. They even resort to using unlicensed “black tour guides” to receive visitors.

Recently Ms. Ma from Chengdu experienced a frightening "Thailand escape," and she used her personal experience to tell everyone that "black tour guides" are a terrible existence.

Tourists "Flying" at Night in Thailand

May 12, The official announcement of the National Tourism Administration of Thailand stated that:

About 10 Chinese tourists have experienced blackmail intimidation and forced shopping unacceptable during the tour of Tibataya. The latest progress of the “Great Escape” late at night: May. The 11-year-old male black tour guide Li Hai was arrested by the police in Pattaya on the evening of the 11th. He was also arrested by two heads of Thai officials of his TYT travel agency. The next Thai police will follow Thai law against them. Severely punished.

According to Li Hai, during the incident, 10 Chinese tourists took a latex pillow from a latex center in Pattaya to receive a rebate. As the purchase of a small number of people did not make any money, they spoke up. Intimidating tourists led to collective detours of tourists returning to Bangkok.

A survey of tourism police officers found that the Chinese man did not have a tour guide and was a foreign black tour guide illegally engaged in tourism work in Thailand.

▲Source: National Tourism Administration of Thailand

On the other hand, according to Chengdu Commercial Daily, involved in the Pacific Century International Travel Service (The company that fulfilled the travel contract.) The head of the Beijing headquarters stated that on the evening of the 11th, they had agreed with tourists. According to the survey, the feedback of tourists is consistent with the person in charge.

The travel agency apologized to us and the tour fee, visa fee, and other expenses were retired.

Minimize our losses.

PCC International Travel Service said that it compensated us for a honeymoon trip.

After that, Chengdu's 10 tourists fled from Bangkok to Bangkok on the fifth night of their trip to Thailand under the intimidation of the tour guide.

For this trip to Thailand, Ms. Ma called it "the Thai baht." "The thrills and fears on the way. I can't express it in words." The traveling tourist, Mr. Chung, described it badly and laboriously. This journey.

What happened to this Thai journey?

According to Chengdu Business Daily, Ms Ma and her husband in Chengdu found Chongqing Qiang Cheng International Travel Service Co., Ltd. (Chengdu Chenghua District) striker street store and reported Thailand's 7-day and 5-night tour at a price of 2180 yuan per person; Mr. Zhong and his lover in Chengdu signed a travel contract for a 7-day tour of Thailand with Sichuan Globalcom International Travel Service Co., Ltd. at a price of 2,280 yuan per person.

Even worse than the Tai Ba, tourists encountered Chinese black tour guides, and in the middle of the night collectively fled!

▲Map of Tourists (Source: Chengdu Commercial Daily)< /p>

“There are 6 people in the same group. They are directly contracted with PCG Chengdu Chengdu Branch.” Ms. Ma also showed the contracts of the remaining six people.

It is worth noting that Ms. Ma’s contract stated “voluntary shopping”. Mr. Zhong’s contract also read “unforced consumption.” The remaining six people also indicated on the contract that “tourists You can decide whether to participate in shopping activities."

May 7th is the fifth day of the itinerary. There is a shopping center “latex center” on the day of the trip.

"Dragging for about 2 hours, only one personBought a pillow. "Ms. Ma recalled that at that time everyone asked to get on the bus." The tour guide said that the car did not come, but the car was actually outside. "The team was then coordinated by the team leader before getting on the car.

I didn't think that after the car was launched, the tour guide began to become "absolutely vicious".

Forcing you to make it!


I don't believe that you Chinese don't have to push (force)!

In one sentence, force you to make it!”

The man’s remarks triggered dissatisfaction with the team leader. After the team leader said “who told you to speak like this”, the tour guide began to “fear”.

In the video, the guide finger pointed in the direction of the car door and yelled to the team leader: "Or you'll just get off!" Then he shouted: "You don't get into the car tomorrow morning! You're playing back to Bangkok!" After learning that the team leader is going to report to the travel agency, the man said, "You don't use 100 suits," and muttered: "Does the Chinese not press (force)?"

Even worse than the Tai Ba, tourists encountered Chinese black tour guides, and in the middle of the night collectively fled!

▲Source: Video Screenshots

The performance of the tour guide made tourists worry about their own Personal safety, around 5 pm on the 7th, the bus took the tourists to the hotel. “Everybody had the idea of ​​running away.” Mr. Liang said that they did not decide to take their luggage until they observed a good course at dinner. At the beginning, we are not ready to take the luggage. The ID cards are all put on the body.”

After 1:00 in the morning, 10 people arrived in Bangkok and found the hotel at their own expense.

At 17 o'clock on the afternoon of the 8th, 10 tourists and team leaders met at the duty-free center near the airport. 11 people went back to the country on the plane at 3:10 am on the 9th in accordance with the previous plan.

The country is vigorously rectifying

In addition to overseas "black tour guides", in recent years, the domestic guides have also repeatedly exposed the incidents of compulsory shopping spending and abusive tourists. Although both tourism companies and tourism practitioners are also punished, the "black tour guide" incident has continued to continue.

Experts and industry analysts believe that the current development of the tourism market is immature, single tourism products, and low-cost competitive tourism enterprises are the incentives.

According to Xinhua International News, industry insiders in Thailand and VietnamIt is emphasized that the root cause of the "black tour guides" banned is that some travel agencies have organized "low-cost groups" and even "zero-price groups" to attract tourists. After the tourists arrived in Thailand, in order to reduce the cost and not hire local guides, the agency chose to hire “black tour guides” to lead the tourists to high-spending shopping malls and restaurants to recoup their profits. Therefore, tourists should reduce the chance of encountering "black tour guides" from the source. The key is to refuse to participate in low-cost groups and zero-price groups.

According to the Xinhua News Agency and China Research Institute of Tourism Yang Jinsong, an associate researcher, said in an interview, “If it is lower than the cost price, guides who work in front-line jobs can only fill pits through shopping and self-funded projects if they fail to reach the threshold. It is expected that they will induce tourists to consume in various ways, and even some extreme cases will occur."

Even worse than the Tai Ba, tourists encountered Chinese black tour guides, and in the middle of the night collectively fled!▲Source: Sun Wenjie, lawyer of Yunnan Lingyun Law Firm, said that the new tourism law stipulates that travel agencies should not organize tourism activities at unreasonably low prices, lure tourists, and obtain unfair benefits, such as arranging purchases or other paid tourism projects. The maximum penalty for violation of the regulations is 300,000 yuan. “One of the reasons why the illegal phenomenon continues to be repeated is that the illegal costs are too low.”

“Many travel agency officials and tour guides have weak legal awareness. The basic problems are illegal operations.” Yunnan University of Finance and Economics Xu Nanxuan, president of the Institute of Tourism and Culture Industry, said that the relevant rules and regulations are also not specific enough to implement.

In order to further strengthen the orderly regulation of the tourism market, from January to March this year, a number of bad events, such as the forced use of tourist guides in individual tourist areas or the forced consumption of tourists in disguised form, and the “black leader” beating of tourists, and culture The Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Tourism launched a special campaign to rectify the crackdown on forced consumer spending and illegally engaged in guided tour activities.

Train the tour guides around the tourist attractions, tourist centers, hotspots, and public transport hubs, and investigate the illegal and irregularities found.

Even worse than the Tai Ba, tourists encountered Chinese black tour guides, and in the middle of the night collectively fled!

As of the end of March, a total of 11,253 tourism enterprises were inspected across the country. Tourist group2,942 inspections of 800 tourist passenger vehicles were conducted, 8596 tour guides were inspected, 172 were placed on file, 70 tour guides and illegal employees were punished, fines and confiscation of illegal proceeds of RMB 3.2205 million.

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Even worse than the Tai Ba, tourists encountered Chinese black tour guides, and in the middle of the night collectively fled!

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