The serial | "in London for three days of" four missing "days" (2)

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The serial | "in London for three days of" four missing "days" (2)

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The serial | in London for three days of four missing days (2)

I hurried back to two inquiries ticket. Our tour guide surnamed Xue, let's wait for a moment to buy tickets. As he walked along and talked to the British travel company on the phone, the British travel company made him contact the Beijing travel company directly. Because the return ticket was bought by Beijing travel company before we came to england. Beijing travel company, the first person to answer the phone can not answer, ask for leadership. In our opinion, it is the most routine procedure to ask for leadership in time of special circumstances. However, because of the lack of authorization, we can not deal with the problem decisively, and we often pay the price at the critical moment.

The rest of our group began to enter customs. I'm making a final effort with Mr. Liu and Xue guide. At that time, we did not expect the day can not go, although the bottom of the heart, but I do not always feel that this is not difficult, can change the ticket to change the ticket, can not change the ticket refund, can not refund tickets to buy tickets.

Beijing travel company calls: agree to buy an economy class ticket. When we get to the ticket booth, the conductor told the tour guide, the economy tickets all sold out, a business class ticket, buy? The tour guide could not make up his mind. He told us to ask the Beijing travel company again. We say that the economy has not, you ask what, just buy business class tickets. As the guide said "no", he continued to make a phone call to Beijing.

Beijing travel company replied: "when I ask for leadership.".

A Beijing travel company to telephone: do not agree to buy business class tickets, the price is expensive than economy class.

I have the same tour guide said, buy a business class ticket, sooner or later have to go back home, whose responsibility is it's not too late. The tour guide never spoke. We continue to persuade, he repeatedly stressed that if you want to buy a business class ticket, you decide, I agree not to buy, you can take responsibility, I can not afford this responsibility, I have the responsibility and the power, I am working for other people, listening to the boss. In fact, although we are very anxious, but we were still very understanding Xue of the tour, we do, can you go, he will stay here, break the rules, will be thrown out of work, we can not understand people.

We lack international common sense to deal with this situation, and we are not very resolute in our attitude.

Hesitation is not the way, time passes by.

I'll talk to Mr. Liu. If we can't make it today, we don't know what kind of trouble will happen later. We decided to buy business class tickets to. We also know that making such a decision is also a risk of taking responsibility. But fear of taking risks can lead to a missed opportunity. The tour guide never spoke, and he was still on the phone. He was also in a hurry. He did not speak, we said, others can not understand, we have to rely on him to speak.

Beijing travel company to telephone: you can buy a business class ticket.

Mr. Liu pulled out the dollar to buy the ticket, but no, he bought the ticket and changed it into pounds.

The three of us hurried upstairs downstairs, found the foreign exchange office, changed the US dollars into pounds, and ran off to buy tickets, when it was too late. This flight has been closed. In the course of dealing with this unexpected situation, we have seen that the international travel agencies with relatively large domestic forces have not yet fully adapted to the needs of opening up, and there are still many areas to be improved in the process of work. China with the improvement of living standards, travel costs, cancel the threshold, want to see ordinary people to look out of the country will be more and more, now to five European countries tour around ten days, only ten thousand yuan fee will be able to make the trip. One day, 1% of Chinese travel abroad will be 13 million people, and this day will come sooner or later. As the domestic travel companies to solve the rapid response to unforeseen circumstances that may arise in tourism, and the formation of a variety of plans, this is a matter of concern (hint: travel companies to become bigger and stronger, improve the ability to quickly solve all kinds of problems is the key).

The Beijing travel company calls again: "any ticket is OK, as long as you can send someone away today.".

It's late. It's too late. At this time, we realized that "late", these two words are so heavy. Opportunity is not without, but looking at the opportunity to slowly slip away from the front, who blame? We can only complain that we have no experience. So I made up my mind to write about what I had met, and try not to let the same stones trip our countrymen again.

The plane has been closed, so we can only stay in london.

The return ticket of November 24th is the earliest flight we can get back to china. The two of us can only spend three days in London passively and passively.