Parent-child travel is particular about how to play the British - young children

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Parent-child travel is particular about how to play the British - young children

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with baby travel can broaden their horizons, improve the ability to adapt to different environments, but how to choose the targeted destination, go to the fun and full of harvest to let the children play, a big problem is also a test of my parents. In Britain, there are many wonderful activities for children of different ages. This strategy takes parents to enjoy the essence of British parent-child travel.

preschool | immersed in nature, beaches, squirrels, deer

for preschool children, travel aims to show the nature of the child to go to perceive the world, stimulate children's curiosity and thirst for knowledge. Close to the natural travel of mountains and waters, animals and plants is the focus of this age. We should catch up with the waves and embrace the flowers, and we will have a happy understanding of animals and plants during the trip and grow happily.

London parent-child good place: world class city Hyde Park, Regent's Park, James

London this fully deserve, but also let the green lung edifice places of historic interest and scenic beauty, people proud of the large cities, almost every area has a vast, beautiful scenery, and distinctive park. Taking children in a world of blue sky, white clouds and green trees in the center of London, it's a pleasant thing to take a walk, feeding squirrels, basking in the sun, and having a leisurely afternoon like a Londoner.


in Regent's Park Subway recently station: Regent Park

the outskirts of London the child good place: Richmond Park and the Royal Botanic Garden

British throughout the 11 seat Royal Park, Richmond Park (Richmond Park) is the 8 London Royal Park in the largest area, since seventeenth Century is a British royal hunting resort, endless grassland like the green sea, tall trees towering into the clouds, flocks of deer shuttle play in a piece of ferns, shrubs, or gathered in the old oak mottled shade in the African savanna leisurely and carefree, if any, to capture a picture picture.

in addition to deer, give baby pictures, playing golf, fishing, horse riding, kite flying, picnic, London is people's favorite family outing with the project, Richmond park a children's amusement park, it is a paradise for children.

4. park is home to more than 600 deer, satisfy the curiosity at the same time don't frighten them well, keep a distance of 50 meters above the recommended to watch the

Royal Botanical Garden (Kew Garden): facing the Thames River, and is one of the world cultural heritage of UNESCO, 26 professional garden, 6 greenhouse garden, and 40 historic buildings, It's a good place for the children to open their eyes.

Parent-child travel is particular about how to play the British - young children

parent-child play: "style=" and "temperate plant room", "guava", "mango".