Spotlight | 2018 Champions Vacations New Releases These products aren’t up to par

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Spotlight | 2018 Champions Vacations New Releases These products aren’t up to par

2018-04-26 02:00:08 318 ℃

“Chinese tourists traveling to Europe gradually show a change from a tourism-oriented resort to a vacation-based resort, an increase in the proportion of in-depth tourism and professional tourism, and a large team to fine luxury and leisure. The direction changes these three distinctive features. Therefore, Champions Vacations has made a comprehensive special tour product, adding many in-depth elements, such as Serbia, Loch Ness, Sicily, etc. This is also the European product trend.”

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Spotlight | 2018 Champions Vacations New Releases These products aren’t up to par

Total Champions Vacation Manager Yin Hongyang

A good product can capture the hearts of consumers

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A few days ago, the 2018 Champions Holiday product launch was held in Guangzhou. With the recovery of the overall market and the convenience of the “2018 China Europe Travel Year” in visas and flights, the European tourism market is expected to grow rapidly.

Pan Feng, deputy head of the China European Economic and Technical Cooperation Association, previously stated that Europe is the second largest destination for Chinese intercontinental travel and an important source of Chinese inbound tourism. About 5.88 million people visit Europe every year. “In 2017, the number of Chinese tourists traveling to Europe increased by 13.3% year-on-year, which is the fastest growing among all intercontinental markets. In the past three years, mutual visits by China-EU bilateral tourists have formed positive interactions, and the average increase in Chinese travel to Europe reached 9.7%. In Europe, the average increase in tourists visiting China is 9.5%. With the development of various activities in the China-EU Tourism Year, the number of bilateral passengers between China and the EU will continue to grow and reach new heights in 2018.

In order to better adapt to the policies of the China-Europe Year of Tourism and the development direction of high-quality tourism, 2018 Champions Vacations has launched new products.Change of position. “This new product level is more clearly defined and divided into four levels: feature, enjoyment, quality, and classic. The region is more subdivided and dedicated to the UK greenline. The third highlight is the large-scale project of the system and the Ten Thousand People Tour. Since the Champions Vacations headquarters are in Germany, all hotels and teams and special resources are on hand, which is more conducive to the overall high-quality research and development of our products."

We will closely follow the source of the tourism industry and link the tourism products, scenic spots, hotels, restaurants and even shopping links in tourism products. Can shorten the industrial chain, and more importantly, strive for greater market share.

Spotlight | 2018 Champions Vacations New Releases These products aren’t up to par

Diversified products fully meet the demand

“Traditional travel agencies are turning to resources in today's profit-sharing travel agency industry. In terms of destinations, our fleet is further expanding. For hotels, due to the direction of high-quality tourism, more and more high-quality high-end hotels will be fully open to Chinese tour groups."

According to reports, this year, China will open several routes to the United Kingdom, which is expected to add 240,000 visitors to the UK. London is undoubtedly the most noteworthy direct flight destination in 2018. It is expected that the number of Chinese tourists admitted to London will increase further this year. Hainan Airlines has newly opened a flight from Changsha to London on March 23, three flights a week for 135 flights; Tianjin Airlines will start a flight from Xi'an to London from May 17 twice a week. Wufei; Southern Airlines will open flights from Wuhan to London from May 30th, three flights a week for 135 flights; Hong Kong Airlines will start Hong Kong flights to London (Heathrow Airport) from September 10. The flight will take three flights a week and will fly every two forty-six. Hong Kong Airlines will open a flight from Hong Kong to London (Guwit Airport) from November 10th to seven flights a week.

A substantial increase in flights to the United Kingdom, which is in the UK during the "Brexit" transition periodThere is no doubt that the news is good. Yin Hongyang, general manager of the European Champions Holidays, said that in view of the negative impact of the United Kingdom’s renegotiation of the allocation of air rights to the British Airline’s domestic airlines and airports, and the possible loss of Europe’s source of tourists in the short term, the growing China The market has great supportive effects. The rapid development of the aviation industry in the Chinese market has benefited from the sound drive of a robust Chinese economy and consumers will also benefit from more convenient travel.

In the context of the dramatic increase in flights to the UK, this year's Champions League holiday spent 10 million to launch the “British Line” with more than 50 British tourist routes, 9 days to 13 There are different days on different days, such as “Enjoy” the UK + Three Universities + Three Castles + The Peak London Shard + Stonehenge + Dover White Cliff + Old Trafford Stadium + Windermere Lake District Cruise + Canterbury Cathedral + Manor Hotel + English Afternoon Tea + Specialty Fish Meal for 13 days, including a new addition to the White Cliffs of Dover. It is said that from the European continent to the United Kingdom, the most prominent is the white cliffs, and White Cliff is therefore considered to be the symbol of England.

"The overall development of the European travel market in China is well-ordered, and the growth will be even stronger. The market will expand further. Apart from adding new elements to the destination, the new product content of the 2018 Champions Vacations It also highlights the elements of light and extravagant, parent-children, and academic exchanges, and now the form of European tourism has become more diversified, with group tours being the main method, and the proportion of free-travel and destination group tours is increasing, and international academic tourism is also increasing. We have begun to look up. This is precisely our corporate positioning - 'new journey, heart service', in order to achieve the best products and services."