First arrival in the UK | Roundtrip to London's top five airports

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First arrival in the UK | Roundtrip to London's top five airports

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First arrival in the UK | Roundtrip to London's top five airports

First arrival in the UK | Roundtrip to London's top five airports

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You have arrived in a strange land. Passed customs inquiries, got heavy luggage, ready to go to your new school ... how to go? This article is for a freshman airport guide, mainly around London's airport, but individual methods are equally applicable to other cities' international airports.

First arrival in the UK | Roundtrip to London's top five airports

General Map of London Airport

UK The airport has an official website that provides detailed information on the airport. In addition to shopping tax rebates, the airport transportation information also has a very detailed introduction.

London Heathrow:

Gatwick Airport:

< p>London City Airport:

London Luton Airport:

London Stansted Airport:

Combines every new student transportation method - Airport pick-up service

College student pick-up service

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New arrivals are not available in every school, but student services at UK universities are getting better and better. In order to welcome new students, many schools will provide buses and Peer mentor to meet new students at the airport on a specific date. Not only directly to the various dormitory areas of the school, but also guide you how to apply for dormitory accommodation. Pick-up service may need to be booked in advance on the school official website and pay a certain fee (some schools are free), but this fee is generally reasonable. New students can send emails to consult the school about whether they have this service before booking a ticket.

Chinese pick-up service

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There are many Chinese in the UK who pick up the airport and advertise in the Xinsheng Group before starting school. Freshmen can consult the old students, whether these pick-up services are reliable and based on the price. This is one of the more convenient methods. The driver will wait for you at the pick-up point at the appointed time.

The downside is that the price of a chartered car will be relatively high. If there is a customer with similar arrival time, the pick-up company will organize carpooling and the price will be relatively affordable. It is suggested that freshmen look for carpoolers in the freshmen group and the price will be much better than a single chartered car.

In addition, the travel website purchase pick-up service is also a good choice, usually with the local Chinese airport pick-up service. For example: Ctrip. Select the departure and destination, there will be accurate quotes.

The above two modes of transportation are more commonly used. The advantages are convenience, and they are not suitable for the new environment. Predicting prices can also avoid exceeding budgets.

Airport Transportation Methods at Various Airports

Heathrow Airport (LHR)

First arrival in the UK | Roundtrip to London's top five airports

The Heathrow official website describes the way of transportation

As one of the busiest airports in the world, it is the first time that many students have flew to London and will eventually graduate from Leave here. There are four terminals, T1 has been closed, T2&T3, T4 and T5 are in three places and cannot be reached on foot. In addition to the bus or subway, the airport also has a free airport bus and the Airport Express connecting passengers to and from the terminal.

Heathrow Express

The Heathrow Express is a train that connects the airport to the city of London and is the quickest way to get to the city of London. Heathrow↔ Paddington. Arriving at Paddington Station is also a subway station from where you can transfer to other destinations.

Specific prices can be checked and purchased at the official website of Heathrow Airport, or can be purchased on the counter after leaving the airport. If there is a 16-25 railcard, there is a 1/3 discount. Tickets are valid for three days.

Buy ticket link:


The subway is the most affordable method, and for It is also a challenge for students carrying large luggage. If you have enough time and your destination is on Piccadilly Line, it takes about 50 minutes to avoid the peak period from the airport to the city. Tickets can be bought at the subway station or directly purchased on the Oyster Card.

If you need to change lanes and have large luggage, I do not recommend taking the subway. Because the London Underground has a long history, many places need to climb stairs to go out or change lanes. Carrying big bags and small packages will be relatively inconvenient.

Coach & Bus

Coach is a type of travel service in the UK and is a bit like a passenger bus. National Express not only provides transportation from the airport to the city, but also provides city-to-city transportation services from the airport to other cities. So students who are studying in cities around London can do so at National exprThe ess website queries the time and price from the airport to the destination is not appropriate.

Tickets can be purchased on the National Express website or purchased at the airport counter. Students who regularly use the bus can apply for the Coach Card (12.5 pounds a year or 30 pounds for 3 years) with a 1/3 discount. However, unlike a train card, they cannot be used immediately on the spot.

National express:

If you are in London, you can also consider taking a bus.



A fixed-price taxi can be booked directly on the Heathrow website. You will be met in the arrival hall. Similarly, if you need to travel from the city to the airport, they will also pick you up from the city to send you to the airport.

Taxi & Minicabs:

London Gatwick Airport (LGW)< /strong>

First arrival in the UK | Roundtrip to London's top five airports

Access to Gatwick's official website

Gatwick Airport is London's second largest airport with a total of two terminals. Located 45 km south of London, it usually takes a turn in Europe or the Middle East. Closer to Brighton, students studying at the University of Brighton or the University of Sussex can fly to this airport.

Gatwick Express & Train

The airport train takes 30 minutes to reach Victoria Station in central London and trains every 15 minutes. In addition, there are also trains from the airport to other destinations. Tickets can be bought at the train ticket counter or laterBuy on any train ticket platform, such as Trainline. Rail card offers also apply. Students without a Rail card can purchase it in advance on the Gatwick Express website, with a 10% discount.

Gatwick Express:


The versatile National Express also offers quick access from the airport to the city of London. Line, time is about 1 hour and 20 minutes. Therefore, if you do not recommend to take the bus to London, the time will be much longer than the train time.


Gatwick's official website can also book taxis.

Stansted Express (STN)

First arrival in the UK | Roundtrip to London's top five airports< /p>

Stansted express stopped

The airport is far from the city of London, mainly the low-cost Ryanair base, as well as other cheap airlines such as Air Berlin, Easy Jet and so on. Can not compare with the first two airports, but it is also very busy. Students at Essex, UEA, and Cambridge who go out on holiday to pick up flights that can fly from here will be more convenient than flying from other airports.

Stansted Express

This is the quickest way to get to and from central London, stopping at Tottenham hale, Stratford and Liverpool Street. It takes about 45 minutes.

Buying Website:

CrossCountry Trains

General train services connect Cambridgeshire with the Midlands. There are trains every hour from Monday to Saturday and fewer trains on Sundays. The time to Cambridge is also very short and it only takes 35 minutes.


There is also a omnipotent National express and Airport Bus express directly to the city of London or other towns. Every 15 minutes to London Paddington (58-98mins), London Victoria (75-100 mins); every 20 minutes to London Liverpool St (65-58mins); every 30 minutes to London Stratford (45-60) )mins, London Bridge & Stratford (70-85 mins), London Victoria (95 mins).

For details, please refer to:

London Luton Airport (LTN)

The airport is located in the north of London and is mainly for leisure holidays. It is the hub of European low-cost airlines, including Easyjet, Thomson, Monarch, and Britannia.


First arrival in the UK | Roundtrip to London's top five airports

Luton Train Stop

The airport has a train station Luton Airport Parkway, which connects to the airport and London St Pancras railway station (same subway station as King's cross railway station.), the entire journey ranged from 29 minutes to 51 minutes, and also arrived outside London, you can check the Internet. The student train card discount is a £10.35 ticket (original price is £15.7). About 10 minutes from the train station to the airport, the one-way fare is £2.1 and the round-trip fare is £3.4. Only cash is accepted.

Airport Train Information:

Bus p>

First arrival in the UK | Roundtrip to London's top five airports

Green line stops

Green line 757 Directly from the airport to Vitoria train station, via Bricket Wood, Brent Cross, Baker Street and other stations.

Details and fares:

London City Airport (LCY) Strong>

First arrival in the UK | Roundtrip to London's top five airports

London city panorama

This The small airport is located in East London and runs short, heavy aircraft can not take off and land, mainly for the British outback and other European commercial cities, serving business people. If you are in transit in Europe, such as Switzerland, you may pass through this airport. Since the airport is located in the city of London, it is very convenient to reach the centre of London. The DLR has direct access to the financial district Canary Wharf/Bank. There is also the National Express service.

Transportation Reference:

I hope this article helps you. Travel to choose the transportation method that suits you. If you have doubts, you can also use google map or consult airport staff! Remember to set aside enough time.

First arrival in the UK | Roundtrip to London's top five airports

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