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American travel notes - all you want to know is here

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The hotel accommodation </p>American travel notes - all you want to know is here

1 for us travel matters should be noted. Check in time should be noted that the check-in time of </p>

hotel is usually at 14:00 p.m., and the check-out time is before noon 12:00. Overtime charges need to be charged. </p>

2, basic supplies to carry </p>

because for the sake of environmental protection, so there is no slippers at the United Inn. There are all the blowers, and the shower and shampoo are available in every hotel. Personal items such as toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, slippers, and razors are not generally provided in the hotel. Please prepare the above items for yourself. If you really forget, you can inquire at the hotel front desk, some hotel front desk can be provided. </p>

3, is the hotel room available on the Internet? </p>

general hotel rooms can be online, if there is no network in the hotel room can go to the hotel lobby on the Internet. The hotel offers free and charge TV. Some hotels also provide TV connections to the Internet. Before watching the closed circuit TV or using the TV Internet, check the cost instructions before making a decision. </p>

4, is it possible to smoke in a hotel? </p>

America's policy of smoking ban is very strict. The hotel is completely smoke-free. The hotels on the regiment are smoke-free rooms, so smoking is prohibited. If you smoke, you will charge a fine of $200-$800. Please be aware of it. A room </p>

5 United Inn, in general a few bed to bed? </p>

hotel is a two bed room standard, if you need additional beds, you can own and the requirements of the hotel, and you need to pay their own expenses. </p>American travel notes - all you want to know is here

6, how do the water of the United States drink? </p>

Hotel water tap water can be directly drinkable, water tap water can not be directly drunk. </p>

7 and telephone charges need to see that the phone calls and the outside lines in the </p>

hotel rooms need to be charged. The cost is relatively high. It is recommended to purchase telephone cards locally. </p>

8 and power are charged first. </p>

is used in the US. The voltage in the US is 110 volts, the 60 Hz alternating current. The three eye socket is also different from China, so we need to use the conversion socket. It is recommended to prepare yourself before travel. </p>

9, the protection of property with personal finance, please pay attention to safety. </p>

can make full use of the safety box in the room. Besides tipping the room cleaners every day, do not put personal money in pillows or pillows when leaving the room. The clean union thinks this is the tip you have paid. </p>

10, what can you take? </p>

please carry clothes suitable for comfortable and light casual clothes. Please carry a coat with you in the summer to prevent the cold at night. In the eastern part of the United States, winter weather is cold, please keep warm. In addition because the sunshine is very strong, can prepare parasol, shading cap, sunglasses and sunscreen sunscreen attention etc.. </p>

11, what can you bring? </p>

because the United States Customs has strict restrictions and regulations on agricultural products, please pay attention to in the preparation of food, meat, eggs, do not carry vegetables, fruit and other fresh or preserved animal and plant products such as immigration, carrying any food, regardless of species must be declared. </p>

12, for what? </p>

foreign medical expenses are very expensive people know, especially in developed countries in Europe and America, medicine in pharmacy should also be prescribed by doctors. It is suggested that some of the commonly used drugs be taken with a rainy day. Please carry the packaged medicine as much as possible. It is best to have English name and store the medicine in a unified way.